Laila Robins on playing the lesbian lawyer with the best lines on “Murder in the First”

AE: Okay, well can you tell me if we can expect any type of love life to blossom for Jamie in the finale?

LR: I can’t talk about the finale. [laughs]


AE: Okay, fine, no hints for us! I want to talk about Dustin for a second, and Jamie’s relationship with him. She has kind of become a motherly type role for Dustin and has really tried to help him and you can see he is leaning on her more and more. 

LR: Hm, motherly….


AE: Or maybe not motherly, but protective/nurturing kind of way.

LR: Oh, yes. I think she has become a little more emotionally involved in this case and has been more nurturing to him as the show has progressed. She cares about him, but I’m not sure I would say motherly. [pauses] I’m sorry, I just got a little distracted, I got home to New York last night after being out of the country and thought I lost something and was in a panic but I found it and I am all good now!


AE: Well, that’s good news! So, you live in New York?

LR:  I do live in New York, but I was out in LA filming the show for three and a half months and I had a blast filming it. It was a really good card for me, for a woman at a certain age to play a role that’s professional and yet sexual and I loved that aspect of it. I appreciated that.


AE: Yes that was one thing we the viewers really appreciated about Jamie, was seeing not only a lesbian on TV in general, but an older, successful lesbian in this powerful role.

LR: Oh that’s great, I am really glad to hear that! Oh and I know that everyone has been doing this live tweeting thing but I am so old school, I am barely on Facebook, much less tweeting.


AE: I will admit I did try to find you on Twitter and was bummed you aren’t on there, but that’s okay! I also want you to know that we are advocating for the return of Jamie in Season 3.

LR: Oh, thanks so much, I appreciate that! I didn’t see last week’s because I was out of the country so I need to watch that one.


AE: So you are watching it when the rest of us see it? You haven’t seen them all yet?

LR: Yeah, I watch them when they come out, and get this: I don’t even have a DVR! I have a friend record them for me so I can watch them there. I have really got to catch up to the 21st century. Next season maybe I will start tweeting.


AE: Yes! So do you know if you will be a part of next season?

LR: Um, I don’t know. Every season they focus on a different case, so I am not sure if they will have me back yet or not.


We’ll be waiting for the T-shirt. Murder in the First‘s Season 2 finale airs tonight at 10/9c on TNT.

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