“Chasing Life” recap (2.8): Life After Death

Previously on Chasing Life, LEO DIED AND EVERYTHING HURT. (Also, Brenna fought against biphobia, a fight that trickled into the comments of last week’s recap; thanks to those of you who left thoughtful comments on why biphobia is harmful to our community, even though we shouldn’t have had to explain it on this queer website. I’m always happy to stand up for what’s right and it’s nice to have people like you by my side.)

We open right away in the hospital. From the quiet devastation and complete brokenness in April’s eyes, there’s no doubt about what happened. Leo’s life doesn’t hang in the balance, we aren’t going to be holding our breath for half the episode. He’s gone.

Chasing Life 208-1

Uncle George tries to explain to April, Sara, and Leo’s parents that it was probably a broken blood vessel from all the trauma he’s experienced from the cancer, and assure them all that there was nothing they could have done, not even listening to me when I shouted about his headache.

Leo’s parents tell April that, before his last surgery, Leo made his own arrangements, but they’re going to let her approve them all before they put them in motion. Which I thought was insanely sweet of them, considering they hadn’t even been married that long. It’s (understandably) rare to see parents able to see through their cloud of grief enough to consider their children’s spouse’s wishes, too.

April can’t really think about that right now though, so she goes back to her old room and curls up at the end of her bed.

Chasing Life 208-2 And probably played some Sarah McLachlan or something.

Leo’s dad stops by eventually to talk in a little more detail about these plans, and April says that whatever Leo wanted is fine, as long as they don’t have a viewing. Her dad agrees, and thanks her for bringing his son closer to him than he had ever been. After he leaves, Sara tells April that plenty of people have been stopping by, but April says she doesn’t want cheering up and goes back to her room.

Then April curls into bed…with Leo. Who is obviously imaginary, but after what happened to Izzie Stevens after Denny died, I obviously start to panic.

Thankfully, we don’t spend too much time at Leo’s funeral. (Don’t worry, we’ll cry plenty later.) Adore Delano from American Idol and Ru Paul’s Drag Race SLAYS “Amazing Grace” and everyone lets go balloons (that are hopefully biodegradable and dissolve in water).


Back at the house, Natalie and Beth asks April if they can help, and she takes them up on their offer to clean out the apartment, since she can’t bring herself to go there. Mostly, though, April just wants everyone to stop with the forced niceties and canned responses. She finally loses her cool and storms upstairs to hang out with Imaginary Leo and complain about how bad we are at dealing with death and dying, as a people.

Chasing Life 208-4If you say “He’s in a better place” I will gut you.

Imaginary Leo asks about his funeral and she assures him that it was him to a T. He tells her to take her time healing from this and to stay in her room with him as long as she wants.