“Chasing Life” recap (2.8): Life After Death

Beth pulls herself together just as April comes back with the clue, which says, “What’s all over the hospital? Go there.” Beth, admittedly better at song references than clue deciphering, suggests “germs” but as one cannot go to germs, they think harder. I thought it was faith and that they’d end up back in the chapel, but April is apparently quicker than I am, and she realizes he meant the roof. Which is hella clever on Leo’s part, too.

At the track, Brenna apologizes to Finn, admitting she’s felt pretty useless these days.

Chasing Life 208-10 You single-handedly took on biphobia, you do you girl.

They talk about faith, and Finn is surprised to hear Brenna talk about heaven and hell in such a black and white way. He thinks of it less like HERE IS A RELIGION AND A SET OF RULES AND YOU MUST ADHERE TO ALL OF THEM OR SUFFER ETERNAL DAMNATION. It’s more like, hey there’s more to it than just this one life we’ve got going on. He figures, if he dies and he’s wrong, it won’t matter because all he will be is dead. But believing there is gives him comfort in this life, so why not just take a big ol’ handful?

The Adventure Trio find themselves on the roof of the hospital, and April remembers them hanging out in that very spot. April says that Leo lived more than anyone and takes a silent vow to do the same. To chase life, if you will.

April apologizes to Dom for yelling at him; this one time he actually didn’t deserve it. (Just this once.) Beth sees April dealing with her feelings, and tells her she’s proud of her.

Dom finds another message tube on the roof, leading them back to the cemetery where Leo’s funeral was, but April doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t want this to end. This is all the New Leo she has left, and once it’s over, he’s gone. And she doesn’t know how to live without him. She doesn’t want to know.

She also admits feeling some guilt about having been sleeping next to him when he died, that she wasn’t there for him like he was for her time and time again.

They had been talking about their future, and now she can’t imagine herself having one. She just wants to go home.

Chasing Life 208-11 April might drown the world with her tears.

When April gets back to her room, she sees Imaginary Leo, the visage that has been begging her to stay with him holed up in bed. April realizes that her imaginary friend isn’t Leo at all. The spirit leading them around Boston with letters and clues is Leo. Leo’s true spirit is about living, not hiding. Imaginary Leo disappears and April steals out under cover of darkness to the cemetery to climb the tree from Leo’s final clue.

The letter is pure Leo, but pre-April Leo, so among hopes that he changed some lives for the better, he hopes he found love; real, deep, full-hearted love. And he hopes whoever it is up in the tree reading this letter is the person who loves him, and thanks them for being that person. Which is exactly what April needed to hear.

Chasing Life 208-12

The next morning, April comes skipping down the stairs, ready to face the world for the first time in days. She’s meeting her friends for breakfast, and hugs her mother as a quiet thanks. Sara tells April that while she was traipsing about the city, Uncle George found a new clinical trial for her to apply for. April says she won’t get her hopes up, but inspired by her new friend Finn, Brenna encourages her to do just that.

Chasing Life 208-13 Even the sun is brighter today!  

April heads out and meets Beth for breakfast, and then Dom shows up too, and honestly I’d be totally okay with them being the three best friends that anyone could have, but I would not be okay with Dom trying to date April again right now.

After breakfast, April goes to her and Leo’s apartment, ready to face her heartbreak head on.

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