“Murder in the First” sends its lesbian lawyer off with little fanfare

The Season 2 finale of Murder in The First aired on Monday night and, I must say, I was disappointed. I would have my recap go on and on about how Jamie fought the good fight and saved Dustin from the death penalty, but that was just not the case. Dustin was found guilty and sentenced to death—and Jamie did not take it well, which was to be expected. She had grown close to him throughout the duration of his trial.



The scene with Jamie lasted all of about five minutes, though, and that was the last we will see of the powerhouse lesbian lawyer this season. 

And that’s the end of the recap! SAD. Goodbye, Jamie! 

This show has potential, but it is lacking the necessary connection between the viewers and the characters. A procedural, the idea to focus on the same cases throughout the duration of the season is a solid platform, but there was no real reason for us to keep watching—it never sucked me in. The drama may not need to be as thick because it is more about the investigative steps, but even some of the best procedural shows have us attached to a character, whether it is the victim, the detectives or even the “bad guy.” It just lacked depth. 

There were also many times I felt like someone forgot their lines, or forgot to write them. It always left me confused about what was going on, yelling at the TV: “And then what?!” 

As for Jamie’s character, I can honestly say I appreciate TNT having a lesbian character be a decent part of this show, specifically a lesbian over 40 who basically had her shit together. Her storyline was the most compelling. But even then, there was a connection missing with Jamie, just like the rest of the characters.


In our recent interview, Laila Robins (who plays Jamie) told us she wasn’t sure she’d be back for Season 3, so there might not be reason to tune back in next year.