The Results Are In! It’s the 2015 AfterEllen Hot 100


This year’s Hot 100 has a lot of new faces, and most of them come from TV shows that created queer characters we can’t help but obsess over. But there’s also some athletes—including soccer players that won your love in this summer’s World Cup—and web series stars that make your heart flutter. Musicians factored in lower this time around, but many of the movie stars that have been mainstays on the Hot 100 for years return for another victorious place on the list.

In some really awesome news, 2015 is the first year we’ve had a trans woman voted to the top 100, and we have two! In fact, just under a quarter of the women on the list are out LGBT women—not too poor a showing! And (spoiler!) our number one is out and proud, which is even cooler.

A few other stats: The oldest woman included is 66; the youngest, 22. Less than 12 percent, though, are women of color, a number we’d like to see go up in the future.

But overall, we’re thrilled that AfterEllen readers voted for the strong, funny, sexy, smart women who make up this year’s Hot 100. Without further ado, here are this year’s winners!

All photos from Getty unless otherwise noted

100. Kerry WashingtonGlamour Women Of The Year Awards

99. Rooney Mara

98. Meryl StreepGettyImages-482873394

97. Kate BeckinsaleGettyImages-470720804

96. Aliyah O’BrienThe 2013 UBCP/ACTRA Awards