The Results Are In! It’s the 2015 AfterEllen Hot 100

10. Kristen Stewarthot-100-kristen-stewart

The actress we affectionately refer to as KStew has been stealing scenes for 15 years and, thankfully, shows no signs of stopping. The American Ultra star continues to choose projects that challenge and intrigue her, and she has six new films already ahead of her in the future. (And those are just the ones we know about!) Kristen is also unafraid to be who she is in an industry that seeks to define someone by who they are dating and how often they smile. That’s the kind of woman we want to have on our Top 10.

9. Elise BaumanElisephoto by Melanie Baresic for Smokebomb/shift2

This newcomer has stolen our hearts as the heroic and adorkable Laura in the hit web series Carmilla. If that wasn’t swoontastic enough, she’s also starring in the upcoming film, Almost Adults, as Mackenzie, a lesbian trying to navigate her mid-20s alongside her straight bestie.

Follow her on Twitter: @elise3aum

8. Tatiana MaslanyCanadian Screen Awards - Arrivals

It’s impossible to not be in awe of Tatiana’s talents when you watch Orphan Black. Never before has someone so skillfully played multiple characters in every single episode of a show, and, many times, opposite each other. Tat has to be one of the hardest working women in show business, and she also has one of the biggest hearts. A huge LGBT ally, she’s leant her voice to the equality movement several times, and loves playing queer character Cosima almost as much as we love watching her in the role.

Follow her: @tatianamaslany