The Results Are In! It’s the 2015 AfterEllen Hot 100

1. Ruby Rosehot-100-ruby

While not a stranger to the Hot 100, Ruby has certainly risen in the ranks, and it’s mostly due to a little show we love called Orange is the New Black. No longer is Ruby our little secret—we’ve been covering her career as a model/DJ/television personality since 2007—because people are fascinated by the androgynous beauty. 

But Ruby is so much more than gorgeous (a fact which nobody can deny). She’s multi-talented (did you see all those things we listed above?) and has been completely out and proud since she was a teenager. Her unabashed queerness has only helped her to get to where she is now, starring on one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and becoming the “girl crush” of women who never knew they had a gay bone in their bodies. All this to say, Ruby is gender-fluid and non-conforming and we are thrilled that she is becoming a household name.

Because Ruby is a friend of AfterEllen and so thrilled to be this year’s number one, she’ll be answering your questions in an exclusive interview. All this week you can submit questions for Ruby via Twitter and we will post her responses. How’s that for a first place prize?

Follow her: @rubyrose

Thank you for voting in this year’s Hot 100!