Katie Stevens on that Karmy kiss coming in Season 2B of “Faking It” and Sunday’s MTV VMAs

Katie Stevens was on hand at the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards Press Junket today where I chatted with her about Season 2B of Faking It, which premieres Monday night at 9:30/8:30c. She gives us the scoop on where Karma’s head and heart are at when the show returns and if that kiss with Amy we saw in the trailer is another dream sequence.


AfterEllen.com: We’ve seen a couple kissing scenes in the trailer with you and Rita.

Katie Stevens: Yes. They didn’t hold back!


AE: Are they dream sequences?

KS:  No. They’re happening.


AE: Is Karma interested in Amy (Rita Volk) romantically at some point?

KS: It’s hard—I don’t want to give anything away. That happens in a moment where Karma is not herself. But it probably does come from somewhere deeper. I say this all the time—I don’t know what the writers are planning so I don’t want to say “No, Karma’s not interested in Amy at all,” because if they decide that that’s gonna happen in two seasons, I don’t know what they have planned. But what I can say is that Karma loves Amy, so I think it’s more about her trying to figure out what that love is, if that love is purely friendship, if that love is more than that. You’re going to see Karma go through a lot of self-discovery this season, especially because she just found out about this betrayal and how her friendship can overcome it, and how she can get this friendship and her relationships back on track.

I think [the kiss] happens in a moment when she’s not thinking clearly, but I also think that it’s coming from a place where other things aren’t working out for her. So I think if anything does happen with Karma and Amy, I think it comes from a place of “Well, nothing else is working out. I really do love Amy. Is it because I love her in this way?” And I think it’s—she doesn’t know, and they’ve been through this whole experience together. It’s one of those things where I can’t come up with that decision yet because I don’t know, and I don’t even think the writers know yet. My thing is, and I know it’s a very diplomatic answer, but I’m so invested in all of these characters that I truly, just genuinely want their happiness. So whether the happiness is Karma and Amy together or Karma with someone else or Amy with someone else, that’s ultimately when the show is done, eventually, which that time always eventually has to come, I just hope these characters are happy with who they are and who they’re with if they’re with someone.


AE: So you’re saying there’s a chance.

KS: Who knows!?


AE: When does that moment happen in the season?

KS: Later. Later later.


AE: I’m sure it’s some kind of cliffhanger situation.

KS: I’m not telling you anything!


AE: You share some fun scenes with Reagan (Yvette Monreal) in episode 2. Do you get more time with her this season?

KS: That was really fun. She’s wonderful. I love Yvette. She’s been such an amazing addition to our cast. That was really, because I don’t think they like to put Karma and Reagan together too much, so that was kind of a one time thing. But I think it allowed Karma to understand Reagan a little more, and vice versa, even though I think they’ll always keep that kind of—not frenemy, but competition with each other because Karma doesn’t want to lose her best friend and Reagan knows their history. But I think that it was just fun to do it for that one time and obviously, you saw the cliffhanger of episode 2, that whole issue that other people don’t know about, that whole issue’s going to come to ahead and that it’s kind of between Amy and Reagan, at that point, to figure it out.

MTV 2015 Upfront Presentation

AE: So the VMAs. I saw you on the carpet last year and it seems like you had a blast. What are you excited about this year?

KS: I feel like it’s very rare that I get to go to these red carpets and I used to watch from my couch so I’m just always excited to physically be there and to see the fashion choices and to see the people that I admire in person and to do interviews and talk about the show. It’s really exciting this year because we’ll be airing the day after, so hopefully they’ll be playing a lot of Faking It promos in between the VMAs.


AE: Any hints on what you’re wearing?

KS: It’ll be very glamorous. So I’m looking forward to seeing you and you can give me your opinion!


The 2015 MTV VMAs air this Sunday, August 30 at 9/8c. Faking It Season 2B premieres the following night on MTV.