“Mistresses” recap (3.12): In sickness and in health

This week on Mistresses, Karen goes with Vivian to the doctor (ICYMI Vivian told Karen last week that she is sick again) to get the results of some tests they ran on her a few weeks back. When Vivian was sick the first time, Karen is the one who gave her some of her own stem cells. That worked for a while but apparently Vivian’s body is now rejecting Karen’s cells. The doctor basically tells Vivian that her liver is failing and when Vivian asks how long she has, the doctor can’t give her a direct answer. As they are walking out, Karen promises Vivian that between she and Alec, they will figure out a way to get her better, but she needs to admit herself to the hospital tonight so they can get started right away. Vivian tells Karen that Alec doesn’t know she is sick again and doesn’t want him to know until after he receives his award the following evening (he is getting some kind of doctors award). Karen is not happy about not telling Alec right away but promises Vivian she won’t tell him. Karen is always keeping secrets from them about each other and it drives me nuts!

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Anyways, later on in the afternoon, Alec shows up at the hospital where Karen works (creeper!) and tells Karen that he is receiving an award the following evening and everyone he cares about will be there, so naturally she should be there too. After very little persuasion, Karen agrees to go with them and then heads back into work.

While Karen is out getting lunch, she runs into Alec and Vivian and Alec’s parents. You can tell its awkward for everyone expect the parents who have no clue their son has a wife AND a girlfriend who happens to be the one who saved Vivian’s life the first time and is now pregnant with his baby. Oh sorry…I mean ‘their’ baby. (I say this because I can tell where this show is going, they are going to kill off Vivian and Alec and Karen will be together raising the baby, which makes me feel like there is nothing ‘their’ about any of this!) Alec introduces his parents to Karen who immediately start gushing over her because she is the one who save Vivian’s life. They are hugging her, telling them how grateful they are for her, etc. As Karen walks away, the event proves to be too much for her and she breaks down in tears.

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The following evening, Karen shows up at Vivian and Alec’s house to go with them to the award ceremony for Alec. Alec tells Karen that Vivian is still getting ready in the other room so Karen goes in to find Vivian staring at herself in the mirror, trying to put on makeup but she is shaking and having a hard time. Karen steps in and starts to put on her makeup for her (how sweet) and then Vivian points out a rash on her back and Alec will see it and ask about it, so naturally Karen gives her the shawl she brought with her. Basically it was supposed to be a tender moment between Karen and Vivian but honestly, it felt so awkward and forced!

As they are all getting ready to leave, Vivian suddenly collapses and Alec tells Karen to call 911, as he is laying over her body basically doing nothing. WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR IS HE! The scene ends here, so the fate of Vivian is hanging in the balance and clearly Alec is going to be late to his awards ceremony. Stay tuned for the season finale next week where we will watch more story twists that we can’t even keep up with!

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