“Rookie Blue” recap (6.10): Nothing but the Truth

Previously on Rookie Blue, Steve Peck was outed as a dirty, dirty cop, Marlo had Swarek’s baby, and Gail did everything she could to try to adopt Sophie.

We open with Andy letting herself into Sam’s apartment for a date night, but instead of finding her fiance, she finding a sleeping Marlo. Sam comes home with the baby and things are hella awkward. Andy storms off and finds herself at the Black Penny, trying to look tough drinking straight whiskey, but kind of looking like she hates the drink as much as she hates everything else.

Rookie Blue 610-1This is why ginger ale was invented.

Juliet shows up and says that she’ll probably go away forever after the trial is over, if Andy wants to vent. So Andy does, voicing her concerns about the baby and marriage and Marlo. Juliet so helpfully offers her a way to run away from her problems: an undercover gig that would last about 5 months. She tells Andy to think on it, and Andy looks like she just might.

At the courthouse, Gail asks Chris if her outfit is okay for testifying in her brother’s case. She’s afraid of being the reason her brother goes to jail.

Rookie Blue 610-2If anything you’ll be arrested for being too hot, hot damn.

You can tell she’s rattled because she tells Chris she appreciates his friendship. Things go from bad to worse when her father shows up. Papa Peck asks his daughter what she’s planning on telling the judge, and then flat-out tells her to lie for her brother. Doesn’t hint around it or “strongly suggest” it. He tells Gail to say she was having coffee with her brother at the time of the bombing. He even throws in a dose of guilt, telling her that Steve being in the guns and gangs unit means he won’t survive very long in prison.

At 15 Division, Andy tells Sam she’s worried about being in the way of his new family, and tells him about the opportunity she got to go undercover for a few months. They clash on this subject, because she thinks she’s giving him space, but he thinks she’s running away

Juliet is at the precinct today, cleaning out her stuff. She tries to say hello and goodbye to Nick but he’s torn about how to feel about her. On one hand, it was so easy for her to lie to him, on the other she didn’t have much choice. So they say polite but frosty goodbyes.

Rookie Blue 610-3 You’re making a huge mistake, brah.

Andy and Dov are assigned a music festival, where they find a boy trying to help a stumbling girl stay on her feet. They offer the kids a ride, but the girl falls over and starts muttering about the medical tent and convulsing before they can get her into the squad car. Andy goes to the medical tent to check things out and meets the big guy on campus, who has the AUDACITY to be named Peyton O’Brien. O’BRIEN. LIKE ALIYAH’S ABSENCE WASN’T ENOUGH. *sobs*

I can’t even bring myself to call him Peyton because P.SAWYER so I’m just going to call him The Promoter. So anyway, Andy finds The Promoter looking over a whole bunch of zombie girls just like the one Dov just took to the hospital. The Promoter says he does his best to keep drugs out of the festival but it’s hard because that Molly is a sly little bitch. Dov calls Andy from the hospital and says the girl had two drugs in her system: Ecstasy and roofies.

At the courthouse, Juliet arrives and sits next to Gail, who is NOT happy to see her. Juliet tries to explain that she didn’t force Steve to do bad things, she just reported it, but Gail doesn’t want to hear it. Gail asks how her ex is doing, and Juliet is confused, but Gail clarifies that she’s talking about how she ruined her chance with Nick. Juliet doesn’t have a comeback for her and Gail tells her that’s an annoying response because it’s hard to hate her when she looks like a kicked puppy.