Glaiza de Castro on the Hot 100, “The Rich Man’s Daughter” and her singing career

This year’s Hot 100 was filled with lots of new faces, which shows the power and dedication of fans to their favorite actors and character. Actress Glaiza de Castro was among them, the starred of the Filipino drama The Rich Man’s Daughter, where she plays Althea, a wedding coordinator who falls hard for a bride to be Jade (Rhian Ramos).
The show, which just recently ended, was pretty groundbreaking in the Philippines, as LGBT characters are still fairly new to the scene, especially ones portrayed in such a positive light. However, just like in the States, changing mindsets are making a difference and now the vast majority of Filipinos support the acceptance of LGBT persons.
Filled with drama, tense and tender moments, The Rich Man’s Daughter really captured the hearts of fans. Glaiza was kind enough to answer a few questions we sent over about the show, the Hot 100, and of course, the fact that Althea and Jade never got to kiss.
AfterEllen: Congratulations on the Hot 100! Your fans are very passionate about TRMD and voted you very high in the poll. What would you like to say to them?
Glaiza de Castro: Thank you so much! I owe it to you guys. I’ll remember all those sleepless nights and callous hands just to put me on this list. I feel your passion and will do what I can to sustain it. It’s a collaboration between me and you now.

AE: The fact that The Rich Man’s Daughter has two gay leads, and LGBT supporting roles is a really big deal, not just in the Philippines but internationally. What has that meant to you as an actress but also as an ally?
GC: I always believe that supporting people with an honest cause is worth giving my heart and soul. But with the success of Richman’s Daughter it gave me a sense of purpose as a woman to lead, to be heard and represent through different forms of art.
AE: Were you surprised at how popular the show became around the globe?
GC: Honestly, yes. I was expecting it to be big in the Philippines but I was surprised that it’s bigger around the globe. I’m amazed by how many people from different countries are tagging us, sending love for TRMD.
AE:What were some of your favorite scenes to film with your co-star Rhian Ramos?
GC: I enjoy doing light scenes with her because our characters come out naturally. We do ad libs and we laugh about it after the take. I also love our scene on the rooftop because she was a revelation to me at that time. I can watch that scene over and over and I’ll still feel the same emotion like it’s my first time.

AE: In the US, we are used to seeing a more intimacy between gay characters. In TRMD, Jade and Althea have tremendous chemistry and affection for each other, but don’t kiss, which is something the fans have been really campaigning for. What are your thoughts on that?
GC: We understand the restrictions our country has for that matter. And, to me, as long as they feel the love and passion, our characters’ hunger for each other, whether they kiss or not, I’m good. I think it’s also interesting to always leave something to the imagination. 

AE: In addition to be an very in demand actress, you are also a singer and have put out two albums. How would you describe your music? Do you find yourself drawn more to acting or singing?
GC: I always love to sing even before I got acting jobs. I feel like there’s more freedom to express myself in music. Though I love the fact that they’re interconnected, I can say that music speaks to me the most. My genre is very diverse, like acting I don’t like to get stuck in a specific role. My first album was  more pop and ballad but with Synthesis, it’s a combination of all my influences from pop to rock, new wave, shoegaze and post-punk.

 11705165_890874247625315_8447894002710293400_nvia Glaiza’s Official Facebook page

AE: Okay, so we know you are one of the Hot 100, but who would be your choice? What lady or ladies do you think are pretty amazing?
GC: I think I also have to give credit to my amazing co-actors, Rhian, Katrina [Halili ] and Chynna [Ortaleza]. I’ve known them before TRMD and have witnessed their growth not just actors but women on fire! I love their attitude and it’s always fun to be with them on the set.