“Chasing Life” recap (2.10): Rewritten Memories

Previously on Chasing Life, April tried ecstasy to try to get out of her post-widowing depression, Beth reached her limit with April’s erratic behavior and the two got into a fight, and April talked to Natalie and realizes that Doctor Uncle George might not have been telling them the whole truth about their father. 

We open with April giving George the third degree. She tells her uncle straight out that she talked to Natalie about what he said about Natalie’s mom wanting to get back together with their dad, but now April knows that isn’t true. George plays dumb, poorly, and April starts to get frustrated. Especially when George suggests maybe Thomas’s weirdness in that last year of his life was about his novel, which he previously claimed to know nothing about. 

Chasing Life 210-1Hark! A lying liar lies / right before my very eyes. 

April goes to Natalie with tales of these shenanigans and Natalie isn’t surprised. She IS the secret child, after all. She’s been part of a mystery her whole life, of course she’s the first to pick up the Harriet the Spy notebook and sniff out clues. Brenna is taping this whole interaction, and when she interjects to offer potential explanations for George’s squirreliness, April suggests the documentary filmmaker not interject.

Chasing Life 210-2Bitch, don’t tell me how to live my life.

Brenna has a question, but she’s afraid to ask it in case April gets angry. April makes her shut the camera off but lets her ask it. The question is simply whether or not April is sure George definitely said he didn’t know Thomas was writing a book. She has been wandering around in kind of a fugue state for a hot minute. The girls shoot around some theories and decide that there must be ANOTHER secret family somewhere, because there is one character in the manuscript they can’t attribute to a real person. This line of thought is a little too Spencer Hastings for Brenna and she tells them to send her a fruit cake and call her on a bananaphone when they’re admitted to Radley.

The mystery solving is put on hold when Beth shows up, having trekked through the snow to try to patch things up with April. April is unfazed by her arrival and shrugs off their fight, so Beth starts to leave, but Sara won’t let her go back out into the snowstorm.

April, back on the case, asks Uncle George for the manuscript back, but he says he didn’t finish it and will mail it. April’s ready to accept that answer, but Natalie watches Criminal Minds and probes further. Sara makes them drop it, though, and sends April upstairs to look for a board game the family can play. (Scattergories gets VERY competitive in my family.) 

All the board games end up being wet, and April finds a broken snow globe in the box. This triggers a memory of the last time she saw her father. He gave her that snowglobe of Boston to remember when she moved out.

Chasing Life 210-3Long hair, don’t care.

He was on his way to Baltimore and before he leaves, she tells him that he better be back for his birthday because he’s a great dad and she wants to celebrate him. He gets teary and gives her an extra long hug goodbye.

Sara comes in the room and interrupts April’s trip down memory lane, blaming Emma for all the missing board games. April brings up her snow globe memory, and tells Sara that she thinks he knew it was the last goodbye; he cried right there in front of her and didn’t make one single dad joke. Sara shrinks her a little and says memory is tricky, and when April asks about Baltimore, Sara thinks she’s making a mountain out of a molehill to distract herself from her pain.