The Huddle: Our Favorite Fall TV

It’s officially fall and that means the best of the best TV is premiering as old favorites return and new shows get a shot. What series are you most excited about this fall?

Bridget McManus: I am super excited about the return of Fox’s Empire. Not only am I obsessed with Cookie Lyon, but Marisa Tomei has a recurring role this season playing high power lesbian named Mimi Whiteman. #YESPLEASE

Erin Faith Wilson: Empire! Grey’s AnatomyRosewood! In that order. 

Elaine Atwell: God help me, I am excited about American Horror Story. I’m sure I’ll rip it to shreds like I always do, but it’s just not fall until I have a Ryan Murphy show to complain about.

Dana Piccoli: I’m with Elaine. I say this every year and then I always get frustrated with the show, but I’m interested to see how Lady Gaga commands AHS.

Trish Bendix: Also on the AHS and Empire train, but I’m also a huge fan of Fresh off the Boat and Black-ish, two shows that are not only hilarious, perfectly casted and progressive, but included LGBT themes in their first seasons. Also, I am obsessed with both Constance Wu and Tracee Ellis Ross.


Natasha Negovanlis: I am a huge fan of AHS as well. And although I felt that S3 derailed a bit, and Freak Show wasn’t my all-time favourite season, I am admittedly stoked to see Mother Monster kill it. (Perhaps literally!)

Chelsea Steiner: As a huge fan of the comics, I could not be more excited about Jessica Jones! And because I am a masochist/have the memory of a goldfish, I am inexplicably excited for Scream Queens and AHS: Hotel. Freak Show was a disappointment, but Lady Gaga, you guys!

Miranda Meyer: Person of Interest, obviously. I need Root and Shaw back on my screen! And Jessica Jones! Carrie-Anne Moss kisses a woman at least once, judging from set photos! Tentatively interested in The Man In The High Castle (tell me it’s a Philip K Dick adaptation and I’ll give anything a shot), and for reasons passing understanding I eagerly await Galavant Season 2, which should not exist but somehow does. (I think it doesn’t come back till winter, but whatever.)

Valerie Anne: Supergirl. I’m so excited to see Melissa Benoist finally get out from the shadows of the OG New Directions and have a chance to spread her wings and fly. (Or her cape, as the case may be.) Superhero-figuring-out-their-powers-and-how-to-use-them-to-do-good is one of my favorite tropes; add in a dash of feminism and a side of adorkable, and I’m hooked.

Eboni Rafus: Empire, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are my returning favorites. I’m also very excited about Supergirl. I’m not one for comic and superheroes (that’s my queer sister’s role. She is obsessed with Wonder Woman) but for some reason, the previews have really hooked me in. Also, it’s a Greg Berlanti show and everything he touches is gold.  So, I am sure it will be amazing!

Lucy Hallowell: Supergirl is the thing I’m excited about. I hope it turns out better than the shitshow of Gotham. Until Supergirl flies in I am loving the Great British Bake Off. It’s wacky and hilarious and hosted by Sue Perkins. I know that makes me sound like I’m 100 years old, and you would be right.

Kim Hoffman: Moonbeam City

Ali Davis: Honestly, I’m most looking forward to Rachel Maddow swinging into heavy politics season. She really seems to be having a good time with it and that’s only going to get more awesome. Plus, if you haven’t been paying attention to what almost all of the GOP candidates have to say about people who aren’t cis and straight, it’s time to start.

What fall shows are you most excited about?