Dutch finally chooses between Nikki and Fet on “The Strain”

After Dutch’s traumatic imprisonment and torture by Eichhorst last week on The Strain, we find her struggling to make sense of anything. This week, Dutch is shaken and clearly suffering from PTSD. She attempts to write a letter to Fet, but is interrupted by the man himself. Overall, Fet’s a guy with a big heart, so he’s wounded but not surprised when Dutch tells him she’s leaving him to be with Nikki (Nicola Correia-Damude).

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Dutch obviously cares for Fet, but it all feels very much like she’s leaving to keep him from risking his life any further. They hug and kiss and he wishes her well.

As Dutch makes her way to her apartment, she finds Nikki’s mom packing her daughter’s belonging into the car. Nikki’s mother asks Dutch to leave Nikki be and let her be safe, as they have acquired papers that allow them to flee the city. When Nikki comes out of the apartment, she is surprised to see Dutch. Last communication she had from Dutch was a note saying she’d be back later that night, but that was over two days ago.

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Dutch can’t bring herself to tell Nikki what actually happened to her, so she just says she was arrested. Nikki can’t handle a life of not knowing if Dutch is coming home or not, and she doesn’t want to risk her own life fighting these vamps either. She loves Dutch, but she chooses a chance at life.

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Dutch promises to change her ways and abandon the fight, but Nikki knows she’s found herself in this war. Dutch needs to stay and Nikki needs to leave. There’s really no middle ground when it comes to life and death. They kiss, and Nikki runs off back into the house, leaving a devastated Dutch standing on the sidewalk. 

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This is pretty much how I expected this to turn out, as the love triangle storyline never felt like it had a place in the show. Nikki was only really there to make sure Dutch faced her past and continued on her new path. Nikki barely registered a blip on the show, and that’s too bad. It would have been very interesting to see how she could have grown and fit in with the group, as she showed she had the ability to be brave when it counted. Dutch will likely end up with Fet once he licks his wounds of rejection and she is able to deal with the trauma on that night. Whatever the future holds, we can at least say this: the lesbian didn’t die!

Next week is the Season 2 finale, and I’m sure Dutch will play an important role. Her character has a ton of potential so we will continue to keep an eye on her in the future.