“Empire” recap (2.2): Rainbow Sensation

Despite this week’s episode of Empire being directed by out filmmaker Dee Rees, it was admittedly way less lez than last week. So therefore, this recap will be a little briefer and with less of Anika’s booty.

Cookie, Hakeem and Andre are ready to start their own label. Anika is on the periphery, too, but Cookie doesn’t want to hire women who can’t even dyke right: “I don’t care how good she is. I still don’t trust her ass.” But Cookie, have you seen the work it can do? 

However, Empire still owns Hakeem’s album and Hakeem is too preoccupied with wanting to put together a girl group to record any new music. Anika is still at work, trying to produce Empire’s vocalist Veronica (V) but insults her, and Cookie takes over. 

empire-anika-studioSecretly thinking about Mimi

Jamal is performing for a TV interview with Spilling the Tea, and he winks at his man throughout. He said he loves his beautiful female fans (“men as well, by the way”) and Michael gets brought into the interview from the kitchen (WHERE HE BELONGS!) to discuss jealousy in their relationship. They claim it is non-existent, which is probably true because Michael has to worry more about Empire taking up Jamal’s time, not another man.

empire-michael-kitchen“Monogamy is not an issue for us because my man is too busy resolving his daddy issues.”

Cookie interrupts the interview to convince Jamal to give Hakeem his album back. But then she does something that doesn’t make a ton of sense, because he hasn’t yet agreed to give it back: She tells him about the new company. Oh, well. He was going to hear about it anyway, if Becky or his gay assistant are doing their jobs.

Lucious’s meds are being kept from him and he can’t believe this because he is supposed to be receiving the best prison care possible. But he must be doing alright because he’s rapping in the prison yard: “Snitch. Bitch. Snitching ass bitch!” Then he can’t stop coughing, which attracts the attention of Ludacris as a guard with a Napoleon complex: “Forget whose house this is. MINE!”