Abby is “more insatiably curious” after her romance with Elodie on “Manhattan”

On the first season of Manhattan, the WGN’s period drama about the real life creation of the nuclear bomb, surprised us with a tender and heartbreaking romance between two women. Abby (played by Rachel Brosnahan), married to scientist Charlie Isaacs, finds herself isolated and lonely on the Los Alamos military base and strikes up a connection with neighbor Elodie (Carole Weyers). The two women fell for each other, and made plans to leave their husbands and build a life together. However, Abby was forced to make a decision to protect her family, and ultimately betrayed Elodie and her husband.

I traveled to New Mexico this summer to visit the Manhattan set and had a chance to talk to Rachel about Abby’s gut-wrenching decision and how it will affect her character in Season 2.





Manhattan Season 2 premieres on October 13 at 9/8 CST on WGN.