“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.3): Rise

Japril and the D-Word

Things at the Avery-Kepner house are frosty to say the least. Well, they are frosty on Jackson’s end, but April is trying to say their marriage in the only way she knows how: to be relentlessly positive. Things for Jackson are so broken though, he tells April that she needs to move out, and in fact, he’ll help her pack. I think that Jackson sounds pretty serious about this. While I don’t want to see Japril split, it might be the kind of dose of reality that we have come to expect from Grey’s.

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Jackson grumbles through his day, and finds a sympathetic ear in Ben. Ben even offers to let him crash on their couch. Oh, Bailey is going to love this. He politely declines, but when Jackson comes home expecting April to be gone, she’s there cooking dinner. The man had a burrito, April. Please don’t take this away from him. He mentions the D-word. Not that one, the other one: Divorce. He takes his burrito and hides away in the bedroom, but not before telling April that he will change the locks. I did that once. It’s kind of the ultimate way of saying, “I’m so done with you.”

When April comes home the next night and finds the locks unchanged, she thinks it’s a sign that Jackson’s ready to talk. However, Jackson is gone and so are all of his clothes. April realizes her all out war to win back Jackson’s heart may have failed. Jackson crashes with Ben and Bailey, and this very well might be the end for April and Jackson.

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Maggiestar Galactica

Oh Maggie, dear sweet, adorable Maggie. The girl just can’t cut a break. Remember Ethan, that guy from radiology she dated? Well, apparently that lasted six months before Maggie got bored and moved on. Well, Ethan’s getting married to the girl he met after Maggie, and somehow Maggie got an invite to the wedding.

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At first she acts like it’s no big deal, but while wining it up with the LadyDocs, it all comes spilling out. She feels totally alone. The world of comfort she left behind with her parents is completely gone, and she keeps making the same mistakes in this new world she’s trying to fit herself into.

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Maggie feels like an alien without a planet to phone home. The thing is, many of us have felt like that at one point or another, but Maggie thinks she’s alone in this. Naw, girl. We’ve been there. So what does she do to drown her sorrows? She smashes her face into intern Not-Sloan, which in one respect, get it. But in another, this is going to be a world of trouble for Dr. Pierce. Just ask Arizona.

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