Fortune Feimster’s character Colette comes out on “The Mindy Project”

Last month, the fourth season of The Mindy Project premiered on Hulu, and the series has never been better. Unlike some shows that lose steam when the “will-they-won’t-they” couple finally hooks up, Mindy has leveled up as a series, tackling modern motherhood with wit and charm. And with Mindy on maternity leave, we’ve got a new team at Shulman and Associates: Dr. Jody Kimball-Kinney (Garret Dillahunt) and his sister/nurse Colette, played by everyone’s favorite out comic Fortune Feimster.



While Jody’s condescending Southern gentleman act offends Mindy, Colette has been a fun addition to staff. This week, Colette gets her very own coming out story/subplot. With their grandfather’s wedding fast approaching, Jody is on the hunt for a suitable (aka hetero) date for Colette. This comes as a shock to everyone else in the office, as they already assume that Colette is gay.



Colette shares with the staff that she is absolutely a lesbian, but she’s never told her brother because she’s worried he’ll freak out. She recruits male nurse Morgan as her beard, and they begin an awkward fake romance, much to Jody’s delight. Once Mindy returns to the office, she urges Colette to come out and tell her brother the truth. Mindy has been lying as well; she’s sick of being a stay at home mom and wants to come back to work. In a courageous moment, Colette announces she’s gay…over the employee intercom.

Jody is upset at first, concerned that his sister’s life won’t turn out how he planned. He was so looking forward to bro-ing out and bonding with Morgan, but when Colette tells him that he can bro out with her, he gets on board. They share a tearful reunion, and Jody accepts Colette for who she is.

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I’m excited to see how The Mindy Project handles Colette this season. And I’m excited, of course, to see Fortune Feimster on my TV. Did you watch this week’s episode? What did you think? Tweet me your feels @ChelseaProcrast