Morning Brew – Out lesbian Andrea Lopez goes into survival mode on “Naked and Afraid”

Good morning! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females was named Best Guitarist in NYC by the Village Voice. Well deserved!

Screaming Females In Concert - Portland, OR

Linda Perry joined boo Sara Gilbert on The Talk last week to talk about their new children’s album Deer Sounds.

A new film called Desire of the Everlasting Hills follows two gay men and a lesbian who have decided to be chaste in the name of Christianity. You can watch it for free online because it’s propaganda and they are trying to recruit you into hating yourself.

A 29-year-old personal trainer named Andrea Lopez appeared on Naked and Afraid this week, and she was nervous about coming out to her straight male survivalist partner in Namibia. But what happened was actually pretty awesome.

Rosie O’Donnell and Tatum O’Neal said they weren’t dating yet gossip rags are reporting they broke up. Meanwhile, Rosie is being sued by a former producer of The View for defamation.

My high school Spanish teacher has come out as transgender in the local Michigan newspaper. She’s also a lesbian and, now, an activist. If only I would have known and BFFed her. Perhaps I would have come out sooner.

In the New York Post, a teacher shares how she was demoted because of her sexuality.

Samantha Ronson has a new song with Sterling Fox out tomorrow on iTunes. You can preorder “Angry Sons” now.

LA Reid, Chairman & CEO Of Epic Records, Presents EpicFest 2015

At The Telegraph: “Now it’s OK to be a lesbian – so long as you’re hot and white.”

Both Rookie Blue and Defiance have been cancelled. Bye bye queer characters 🙁

Lot’s of faves on this list of bad ass women on TV, including Clarke Griffin.

SOAK‘s Before We Forgot How to Dream is up for the Mercury Prize this year. Fingers crossed!

EW’s Spoiler Room has a few tidbits on Callie’s new boo on Grey’s, Mulan’s re-entry into Once Upon a Time and Angela Bassett‘s debut on American Horror Story: Hotel this week.

Margaret Cho talks bisexuality with the Dallas Voice.

“Bisexuality is considered one foot out, one foot in. You don’t qualify as gay all the time. There’s this element of distrust. Visibility is very important for the trans community because of the suicide rate of teenagers and the violence that goes underreported and the disappearance of trans women all over the place. There’s not been a lot of rage about that because people didn’t know.

Now, there’s more of an understanding and it’s not acceptable anymore, so I think that’s wonderful. I would love to see that for the bisexual community, but I also have an understanding too. I get it because I started as a lesbian and then realized that there was more to my sexuality than I realized. I thought I was being very free and very out, but there was more to the story. It’s hard; I felt like, ‘Am I going through a phase?’ You always question yourself in the bisexual community. You don’t really know.”

Ellen Page and Julianne Moore talked with Collider about Freeheld.

BBC’s out newsreader Jane Hill praised Cara Delevingne for being out and in the public eye

“When I was growing up, I had terrible struggles with who I was. It was hugely difficult for me. I didn’t know any lesbians. I didn’t see any gay women in the media in magazines. It wasn’t talked about it, it wasn’t part of the conversation. What I think is truly incredible is that I now look in a magazine and I see Cara Delevingne, this beautiful model, just completely relaxed about who she is and not trying to hide it, not being secretive.”

Attitude Awards 2015 - Drinks Reception

Paper lists the 10 Hottest Vampire Movies and most of them (if not all) are super Sapphic.

A.V. Club loves the super queer comic series Runaways. As they should!

Melissa Etheridge is coming out with cannabis-infused wine.

Paula Pell was a guest on the Open Account with SuChin Pak podcast.

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