“Rosewood” recap (1.5): Motherly Love

This week on Rosewood, we are met with more love making scenes from the straight people and a surprise visit to Rosie’s house by his mother, Donna, at midnight because he hasn’t returned her calls in two days. Is she a caring mother? Yes. Is she an overbearing mother? Most definitely! Rosie’s girlfriend comes out from the bedroom to meet his mother for the first time ever. One would think this would be awkward but they hit it off like old friends and suddenly begin to tell Rosie what to do. Poor guy.

That next morning, TMI and Pippy arrive at the lab to find Donna having furniture removed because she doesn’t like it. Another overbearing moment! Pippy is confused as to why her mom is there, just helping herself throughout their work space, until Rosie tells Pippy he hired their retired mother part time, which Pippy is not OK with.


We learned some things about TMI in this episode that I am going to focus on, rather than the specific storyline regarding the crime. Because, let’s get real: I think we are all rather bored with the crime stories anyways. AM I RIGHT?

While TMI was looking over some lab results, her phone shows an alert that says, “Dad’s Birthday,” and as she looks at the phone, you can see that she is upset about something having to do with that reminder.


Later on that day, she heads to Donna’s office and asks her why it was so easy for her to accept Pippy when she came out. Donna says, “Because she is my daughter and I love and accept her just the way she is.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.39.20 AM


She then asks TMI when was the last time she talked to her folks, and TMI says how long, down to the very minute. It’s been more than two years. TMI has not had a relationship with her parents because they refuse to accept the fact that she is a lesbian. As she sits in her future mother-in-law’s office and cries, Donna moves to sit next to TMI, telling her that one day her parents will see all they have missed out on. One day they will come around and she knows it. TMI asks how she knows and Donna tells her that’s what she prays for every night. TMI is taken back by this and says, “You pray for me?” To which Donna replies, “I pray for all my babies.”


As TMI heads back downstairs to get back to running tests on the dead body, she is met by Pippy who is questioning why she was talking to her mother, assuming her mom was doing something overbearing again. (I mean, to be fair, up until five minutes ago, she was acting a little crazy.) TMI sticks up for Donna, telling Pippy that her mom might annoy her sometimes, but at least she has a mother that loves her no matter what.

fine lucky


Pippy looks like an asshole and TMI is now upset at having no parents and her fiancé being a jerk. Rosie calls Pippy out on it, telling the girls that they have to “hug it out.” I will be honest, I was a little annoyed that everyone else is locking lips but the lesbians have to HUG IT OUT, but I am willing to overlook it because of the sweet moment between TMI and Donna.


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