What happened to Tiana’s girlfriend on “Empire”?

Tiana was back on last night’s episode of Empire, and she was robbed by two women posing as fans who wanted to take a selfie with her but then threatened her with a razorblade and nabbed her bag. Luckily, she wasn’t cut or hurt badly, but was a scary incident for her, and not one Cookie was thrilled about, to be sure.

So far this season, that’s been Tiana’s biggest development. Otherwise she’s appeared briefly to work on her new single and roll her eyes at Hakeem, which is exactly what she did this week, too.

iana“Working with my ex who flirts with anything female is just so thrilling.”

And while we’ve been waiting to see more of Tiana (Serayah McNeill) outside of her professional life to see what’s going on with her lady love, India (Elizabeth Whitson), it appears that we’ll never be satiated, as it looks like India is out of the picture.

“I’m excited to see who she’ll be with next,” Serayah recently told The Guardian. “So far she has been so busy pursuing her career and her music and what she wants to come to life with that. I really respect that from her.”


So Tiana is single, it seems, and there are no real plans to have her meeting another woman anytime soon. She hasn’t even shared any screentime with the other resident queer women characters like Chicken, Mimi or Freda Gatz. But Serayah did hint at some juicier stuff coming up for her, which may not be sexual or romantic, but at least give us some more insight as to who she is.


“I feel like there is going to be a lot more to see from that is just on a performance level,” Serayah said. “I’m excited to see her go through things you don’t normally see her go through. I want people to see that. They haven’t seen that much from her other than performing or singing.”

We’re excited, too. But could we at least find out what happened with Tiana and India? That’s the kind of drama we’re hoping to see from showrunner Ilene Chaiken, and it’d be nice to see that Empire takes female-female relationships and their break-ups as seriously as they do everyone else’s.