“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.5): Unlucky Penny

Remind me never to attend a dinner party at Meredith Grey’s. First of all, I’d probably end up doing the cooking because even though these docs can put someone’s guts back together, they can’t mince a clove of garlic. Second, well, this last one was pretty terrifying. Not that I’d ever be invited to Meredith’s, but you get the point.

We pick up where we left off last week, when Meredith opens the door to great Callie and her new girlfriend Penny, who turns out to be one of the doctors who unsuccessfully tried to save Derek. Meredith goes into a mode that I can’t recall seeing her in before. She slaps on a smile, eyes wide, and starts making margaritas. Penny for her part suggests that they should leave, citing that maybe it’s too soon to meet Callie’s friends. Penny must be shaking in her boots. Since Alex is Mer’s Person-in-Training, he notices Meredith’s strange behavior but she’s not ready to say what’s up. It’s truly painful to watch, because we all know that all the work that Meredith has done to heal is threatening to crumble right before our eyes. 

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Maggie, who was supposed to be cooking this meal, has a raging UTI so she skips out and heads to the hospital to get a full STD panel and treatment. She’s worried that her sexcapades with Not-Sloan may have give her something that needs more than cranberry juice.

Amelia does her Amelia thing, rolling out the red carpet and giving Penny a big hug. Oof, when she finds out who Penny is, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Penny tries to tell Callie what’s what, but Callie misunderstands her nervousness thinking it’s about Arizona.

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Before Penny can clear the air, Callie drags her over to meet Arizona, who is a couple bottles of pinot grigio in already. Meredith takes this opportunity to flee upstairs and take a breather. Arizona and Penny actually hit it off, so much so that Arizona is surprised how much she likes her. She tries to tell April, who is busy being upset that Jackson is staying at Ben and Bailey’s. Do these two ever actually listen to the other one’s issues?

Drunk Arizona may actually have a bit of the hots for Penny, which is the most lesbian thing Arizona has ever done, but Alex puts the kibosh on that. April offers to cook since it will keep her from having to mingle and have an awkward avoidance dance with Jackson. Amelia enlists Jo to help April, which makes Jo feel like she’s back at the hospital assisting and not really being a part of things. Sorry JoJo, that celery isn’t going to cut itself.

Back at the hospital, guess who Maggie gets as her doctor. Not-Sloan! Ok, it seems this guy is sticking around so I guess we can start calling him DeLuca…it’s DeLuca right? Horrified she sends him away to find another doc.

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After cutting her hand on an apple and going upstairs to get bandaged up by Alex, Meredith tries to tell him about Penny but she doesn’t get the chance. Just then, Callie walks in letting them know she has to run to the hospital to give an consult but she’s leaving Penny in their capable hands. Penny tries to confront Meredith ans ask her to talk, but Meredith isn’t in a place to handle that. She tells Penny to drink and talk to anyone but her, eat her food, then never show her face to Meredith again. Mer leaves Penny with Bailey who can’t help but think Penny’s name sounds familiar. Uh oh.

Drunk Arizona keeps sticking her foot in her mouth, making April feel terrible about Jackson. Arizona wants her own Penny. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you are going to think twice about that soon, Arizona. Meanwhile, Jo, who is now on garbage duty, tries to make it right with Steph, who is not interested in chatting. Penny takes the opportunity to grab her coat and try to escape, but Amelia tries to convince her not to go. Plus, dinner is ready. Isn’t your stomach growling for a nice, steaming plate of angst? Delicious!

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