“Arrow” recap (4.5): Who Will Save Your Soul?

Previously on Arrow, Oliver decided to run for mayor because he’s harder to kill than everyone else and has already been protecting it at night anyway, Lance was in cahoots with Darhk, Laurel brought Sara back from the dead, but Sara escaped and isn’t quite herself.

Speak of the unreasonably attractive devil, Sara is currently terrorizing Star City. She finds two guys mugging a girl and takes them down, but then attacks the woman herself, speaking in tongues all the while. (Well, just one tongue, technically. Just not her normal tongue.)

Arrow 405-1How do you say “Caw caw, motherfuckers!” in Aramaic?

Meanwhile, in the campaign office, Thea introduces Oliver to a political strategist. The Strategist, as he shall henceforth be known, is here to help him win, and part of that is anticipating potential scandals and nipping them in the bud. For example, the whole cheating on his girlfriend and killing his mistress thing. Speaking of which, maybe it’s not the best idea for said ex-girlfriend and sister of said dead mistress to be hanging around so much.

Captain Lance and Laurel go to the crime scene, where the attacked woman says she was attacked by a blonde who was speaking a Middle Eastern language. Lance points out that there are three other murders that sound similar, and Laurel says okay, sure Sara is technically missing but it’s FIIIIIINE. Everything’s fiiiine. She just has to find Sara before anyone else.

Arrow 405-2 “I feel like you’re not listening to me. It’s FINE.”

At Palmer Tech, Curtis gets a visit from Felicity. She finally listened to Ray’s recording, but there’s something on it, and she needs his help to clean it up so she can hear the whole thing. He was going to go to the gym, but he can’t resist solving a puzzle, so he gets to work.

Across town, Lance goes to visit Darhk, who loves the fact that Lance comes twice as fast at his beck and call because he now has twice the number of daughters to use as blackmail. Darhk gives him his newest task: Hack a government server farm and plug this gadget into a computer there. Lance reluctantly takes the gizmo and heads out.

In the new and improved Arrow HQ, Oliver and Thea share some sibling bonding while fighting with sticks. Oliver thanks her for hiring The Strategist, and Thea agrees that he’s valuable, but points out that his advice to distance himself from Laurel might be misguided. On paper it seems like a good idea, based on how intertwined the Queens and Lances are, but off paper, that’s exactly why they shouldn’t distance themselves. Thea says the Lance family is too important to them to deny like Judas did Jesus. While Oliver thinks on this, a voice calls down to them from the heavens and says, “This is your overlord, Felicity Smoak.”

Arrow HQ has an intercom, and Felicity is the best one. She goes on to prove this by saying there’s a blonde woman going crazy at a nightclub, and since she’s in her fancy chair, it must be someone else.

Arrow 405-3 I love her so much it hurts.

When Team Arrow gets to the chaos outside the club, they find said blonde woman attacking someone who looks suspiciously like the first woman Sara attacked. Sure enough, it’s the Rabid Canary. Laurel tackles Sara, but Sara puts up a hell of a good fight (pun intended), so Oliver goes to loose an arrow at her—until he realizes who exactly it is they’re fighting.  


Back at HQ, Oliver demands an explanation. He has put together that Laurel took Sara to the Lazarus Pit and that she has a bloodlust that’s even worse than Thea’s since she was hella dead, but what he doesn’t understand is why he’s just finding out about this now. Laurel explains that Sara isn’t herself right now, but she’ll be FIIIIIIIIINE. And she didn’t tell him because of the exact look he has right now on his face.