Tig Notaro’s “One Mississippi” is available on Amazon now

Tig Notaro‘s new Amazon pilot, One Mississippi, is loosely based on the year she battled health issues (a CDiff diagnosis) and her mother’s accidental death. Co-written with Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer’s Body), Tig explores the dark humor of grief and familial relationships in the Nicole Holofcener-directed episode, and Casey Wilson plays her well-meaning but somewhat narcissistic girlfriend, Brooke.


One Mississippi is more heavy than light; more Louie than Curb Your Enthusiasm. But what’s so fantastic is that Tig is accepted as a lesbian character whose sexuality needs no explanation or discussion. Brooke showing up to support her isn’t questioned or made an issue of, even in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Instead, the focus is on Tig’s dealing with two major life-changing experiences and the fall-out from both.


You can watch One Mississippi on Amazon for free, along with the rest of their new pilots, and if you want to see a full season, vote for it to become a series. That’s the path Transparent took and now it’s an award-winning critical darling gearing up for its highly anticipated second season.

So check it out and give Amazon your thoughts so we can see more of Tig’s darkly comical world.