Morning Brew – Sara Bareilles and Jennifer Nettles wrote a musical called “Lesbians”

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Slate’s Ask a Homo ponders the question: “Can I Tell Grandma My Sister Is a Lesbian?”

Celebrity tabloids like to think anyone who is queer will hook up with another. This time: Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart. A clue? Weed socks.

You can read an excerpt from Jeanette Winterson‘s new book, The Gap of Time, at Lambda Literary.

WAMU has a piece on the Furies Collective, a lesbian separatist collective that lived and worked in a house in Washington D.C. in the early ’70s.

If you’re watching Grey’s Anatomy in India, you aren’t getting to watch any of the good stuff (aka Callie getting it on).

Rhiannon Fish has joined the cast of The 100 as Ontari, “a young warrior grounder. Trained since birth, she is skilled in deception and she is fiercely loyal to her people.” Surely she’ll have some scenes with Clarke and/or Lexa.

Sia‘s new video for “Alive” features a young martial arts star, and she’s ridiculously awesome.  

A lesbian couple in Tokyo shares their joy at being able to get a same-sex partnership certificate, even though they aren’t legally recognized just yet.

Angel Haze talks about not giving a fuck with Broadly.

Naya Rivera and Heather Morris had a playdate and didn’t take pictures to share with us.

Dianna Agron talked Bare with InStyle:

“This was not my first sex scene on camera, but it was my first with a woman. No matter who it is, a sex scene is never an easy thing to do. But there is a trust in your scene partner, and a dedication to giving the moment integrity. Before you know it, it’s over, and you’ve forgotten everything you’ve just done. Actors all say the same thing, but that’s because it’s true. Sex scenes are just awkward.”


Want a few tidbits on Mulan’s return to Once Upon a Time? A tad spoilery!

So many new images from Jessica Jones have Carrie-Ann MossKrysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor looking like some bad ass bitches and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW.

jessica-jones-ritter-moss-peters-taylor-600x400via Netflix

Just in time for the holidays: Lesbian Love Addiction.

Laura Harring recalls her time shooting Mulholland Drive and David Lynch‘s telling her to “walk like a kitty cat.”


Sara Bareilles and Jennifer Nettles have apparently written a musical called Lesbians. Sara told an audience at a recent show:

“We wrote five songs. One of them is called ‘Lesbians on Parade,’ and it was inspired by the Lilith Fair. It was my first attempt at writing a musical and that oddly enough didn’t go so well. It was truly a blessed journey for me.”

<> on February 3, 2015 in New York City.

OK, I don’t care if it’s a hot mess, I want to hear these songs!

Chicago cop Jennifer O’Shaughnessy has filed suit against the Chicago Police Department for sexual discrimination

A murder trial in Lincoln County, Missouri has a “secret lesbian lover” involved. 

Lena Waithe looked very dapper at the Master of None premiere in NYC last night. Watch the series today on Netflix!


"Master Of None" New York Premierevia Getty

Out producer Megan Ellison was honored at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration last night.

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