Annalise goes back to Eve on “How to Get Away with Murder”

On last night’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise (Viola Davis) went to her ex-girlfriend, Eve, for help, which meant the return of Famke Janssen to the show. Annalise trusts Eve, and so she brings Nate with her to tell the full truth about Nate’s wife’s death, and how Annalise was involved in it. There’s a flicker of jealousy in Eve’s eye, and she encourages the ex-lovers to cease communication. (For the case, of course.) Eve will now represent Nate in court.


Later in the car (their fave place), Eve and Annalise reconvene.

“I know you’re mad. I would have called but I haven’t had a second to myself,” Annalise starts. They haven’t seen one another since their one-night-stand a few episodes ago.

“Do I look mad?” Eve says. She knows Annalise is busy and, besides: “You’re not the only one with a personal life.”

Annalise knows what that means: “Who is she?”

No one important, Eve says, thrilled to see Annalise a little bit jealous. She is happy to see Annalise again, and says so. They share a dream of moving to Paris and spending weekends together in bed. (ABC, I WOULD WATCH THAT SHOW.) They share a longing looks at one another but don’t touch. So much sexual tension! 

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At the evidentiary hearing about the possibility of blood testing of Nate’s dead wife, Eve throws shade at Wes, who says he’s there for research. And then Eve decides not to cross examine the nurse (her own witness), Nate loses, and Wes tells Annalise that Eve threw the case. Was it for dreams of Gay Paree? I don’t blame her.

Later they meet up in a dark bar and Eve is flirtatious while explaining why she didn’t cross-examine the nurse: “Nate knows the plan. That’s all you need to know.” Eve says she doesn’t expect anything from Annalise, to which Annalise says, “But shouldn’t you? Because I want to be the person to give you what you want. I do.” But Eve knows better. There’s no way they could have any kind of stable, sane relationship right now, not with the amount of drama Annalise has surrounding her. Look at Eve, being all adult about things.

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After eating some fried foods, Annalise kicks ass in court, and Eve and Nate are in the car together, when he asks what Eve “did to her.” “I don’t know, missed her I guess?” Just two people, talking about the woman they love(d). NBD. Just like they acknowledge, it is WEIRD. In the court room, it’s found that there were no traces of anything lethal in Nate’s late wife’s blood. Wes accuses Eve of doctoring the samples to help Annalise, and it becomes very clear that Annalise has the same kind of control over Wes that she does over Eve/everyone in the world.

Apparently, that turns Eve on. She and Annalise are turning their phones off and drinking champagne together, toasting Nate. “When are we going to Paris?” Annalise asks. They continue to muse about their romantic dreams and delusions that they could live such a life. And then Eve brings Wes up, and Annalise reveals, “It’s him.” It’s all she has to say, and Eve knows exactly what she means. She tells Annalise she still thinks she’s a good person, and Annalise is the most tender and soft that we’ve ever seen her, here with her on-and-off-again lover, Eve. They might never be ex-patriates, but they will always have Paris.

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How to Get Away With Murder is a perfect example of how to write queer characters with complicated relationships that have nothing to do with the sexualities of the people involved. Their entanglements are just as messy as their heterosexual counterparts, and Annalise’s bisexuality is treated with respect, no kind of fantastical shock value attached. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the tapestry this show weaves, and how LGBT characters are part of its intricate threading. And with Viola and Famke delivering such powerful, dripping-with-passion performances, it’s impossible to not want to become enshrouded in it.


It’s unclear how any more episodes Eve will be a part of, but her ties to Annalise (and vice versa) are strong and clear. It would almost be a disservice to not explore their relationship further, both personally and professionally. Could they ever make a relationship work? Is Annalise capable? It’d be so much fun watching her try.