Vote Now! The 2015 AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Tournament: Round 4

Alright femslashers, we are down to the final four couples. All are worthy in their own right, only two will go on to the final round next week.

Each person gets one vote per hour, per poll. Yes, that’s right. One vote, per person, per hour. The last round of this poll was unlike anything we’ve ever seen here at AfterEllen. There were accusations of cheating, hacking, bots, fake screenshots, rigged polls, threats against us, and spamming us with tweets. In other words, exceedingly un-sportsmanlike conduct. We get it: You are passionate about your femslash couples. That’s why we have this tournament every year. We love femslash, too, but what we don’t love is having what is supposed to be a fun thing, turn into something ugly. It’s made us re-evaluate if we will continue to have this poll in the future.

To clarify, here are things that are not playing fair: Using apps to hide your IP address, using or buying bots to vote numerous times, hacking into the poll. Don’t do this. It’s not cool.

The version of the poll we are using does not give us the option to use Captcha. In the future we will look into what can be done about that, but there’s nothing we can do at this point. So basically, please stop asking for it. We hear you, we just can’t change it at this point. Also, if you are having trouble logging a vote, it’s likely not the poll. It’s probably the cookies on your computer. One last thing, please don’t vote on a Polldaddy link outside of the site. Before we even posted this, we could see votes being registered offsite and had to redo the poll. We have enabled you to see the actual numbers of votes coming it, since this was requested last round by voters. 

With all that being said, polls will close on Friday, November 13th at noon PST. Please, play fair and be kind to each other (and us). Happy voting.

Here is the updated bracket: