“Transparent” Season 2 is even queerer and better than before

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the first two episodes of Season 2 of Transparent at a premiere screening in Los Angeles with the cast, crew, family and friends. I have some really fun interviews from the red carpet coming, but first, I wanted to share just a few early thoughts to get you properly excited for your inevitable binge on December 11th.


When we return to the Pfeffermans, Sarah and Tammy are getting married. Maura is living with Shelly, and their relationship lines are blurring. And Ali is missing Syd in a big way. Basically, this family is full of women in relationships with other women, and that is cause for intense tragedy, trauma, drama and comedy. Without spoiling too much, I can say that there is an added element of historical queerness and Jewishness that looks to be an integral part of the season.

Transparent has added new cast members, brought on more LGBT directors and has some special guests like Cherry Jones and Anjelica Houston on several episodes. It’s going to be the best television we will watch all year (again), and Jill Soloway and team are continuing to create necessary change in Hollywood and the world through their masterful way of storytelling. (I was already crying at the end of episode 2. EPISODE 2!)

Check out some photos from the premiere last night and stay tuned for video interviews on the red carpet.