“Arrow” recap (4.6): Can’t clip a Canary’s wings

Previously on Arrow, Oliver decided to run for mayor so he could protect the city day and night, Thea hired The Strategist to help him manage his campaign, Sara was resurrected but they forgot to put her soul back so Oliver and Laurel went to get it and did so pretty easily, and Felicity got a message from Ray that said he was alive and in trouble.

As you may recall, six months ago, while Ray was trying to get the miniaturization function on his suit to work, he blew off the top of the Palmer Tech building. Everyone assumed he died, including Felicity, who used Oliver and their suburban escape to get over the loss.

Anyway, today in Star City, Oliver and Thea meet with The Strategist, and they’re almost done with all the campaign-y things. All they need to talk about now is budget, which they were going to discuss with Felicity, who is a no-show. Oliver leaves to find out why, and The Strategist asks Thea out on a date under the guise of checking out a venue. Thea rejects him politely, saying her life is literal chaos she doesn’t want to drag another person into, and he apologizes for crossing professional boundaries, smiles and leaves. Given his mature and polite reaction, I guess he has earned his name, and I shall now call him Alex. Maybe sometimes Alex the Strategist. Especially because Thea didn’t seem to mind being hit on.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity is playing Ray’s message on repeat while tapping furiously on her keyboard in a graveyard of energy drinks and junk food. Basically, she’s losing her damn mind.


Curtis comes in and tries to convince her to sleep, but she’s desperate to help Ray. Oliver comes in (causing Curtis to chant to himself that he’s married and Oliver’s straight) and Curtis squints suspiciously at him, using his hand to cover half of Oliver’s face to try to see if Oliver is the Green Arrow. He shrugs it off, saying the jawline is off, and Oliver fights a smirk as Curtis leaves.

Oliver asks Felicity why she blew off the meeting and Felicity plays the message from Ray. He sent the message six days ago, long after he supposedly died, so she has to help him STAT.

Across town, Sara gets off the phone with her mother, River Song, who she tearfully says she loves very much. Laurel and Lance ask Sara how that was, as if they hadn’t both been staring at her, watching her smile and move and breathe and be alive with wonder and awe, and Sara says it was easier than the last time her mother thought she was dead and found out she wasn’t.


Sara relays a story her mom told her, about how once she got lost on the way home from school and she promised her mother she’d always come back. Sara can’t remember that happening and it makes her sad, but Laurel and Lance are so happy she’s back that they tell her not to worry about it and hug her for what is probably the billionth time.

Back at the Olicity Loft, Felicity is fuming because instead of suiting up to find Ray at all costs, Oliver reacted to the news of Ray being alive by telling her she needs a shower and a nap. And he’s not wrong.

Arrow 406-3Disheveled chic is a thing, right?

Felicity is close to agreeing to some shut-eye when her phone goes off, alerting her to the fact her backtrace worked and might have found Ray. She opens her laptop and sure enough, Ray’s face appears. He tells Felicity that he doesn’t know where he is, but he’s trapped, and very tiny. He’s currently a paperweight on a mysterious desk.

Felicity takes Oliver to Arrow HQ, where Laurel meets them. Felicity explains that Ray is the size of a tater tot and fears for his safety more than ever. Ray thinks he has all the equipment to fix it back at Palmer Tech so she’s off to find it. She starts to fly out of there and Oliver offers to go with her. She asks him why like that’s the stupidest idea he’s ever had and he’s a little hurt that his girlfriend is dropping everything to hunt for her ex-boyfriend, but smart enough not to say so out loud.

Curtis is excited when he finds out Ray is teensy weensy—that science is incredible! But Felicity tells him to focus. Ray being itsy bitsy means he can get squashed at any moment. Curtis says there’s one part they need that they don’t have on hand, and it’s patented by Palmer Tech’s biggest competitor. Curtis is sure things can’t get worse, and Felicity begs to differ when her mother comes in, squealing all the while.

Arrow 406-4In all her Smoakin’ glory.

Mama Smoak explains that Oliver called her and told her Felicity was having a hard time at work, and Felicity shuffles her mom right out and tells Curtis to build the machine while she has the Green Arrow get that one part they need.