“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.7): Check yourself

Every once in a while on Grey’s, the docs encounter a very special patient. We’re not talking about the ones who teach them life lessons each week, but ones they really love. Mr. Jaffee is one of those patients. Suffering from end stage renal failure, Mr. Jaffee has been waiting for a year and a half for a kidney to match his specific needs. That kidney has arrived. It’s late, but the docs leap out of bed to rush to the hospital. This includes Penny, who is in mid-makeout (and nap) with Callie when she gets a call from Meredith. Callie doesn’t like the fact that Meredith seems to be running Penny ragged, but Penny’s not complaining. She’s already throwing on her pants and rushing out the door.

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Jo, who is still smarting from Steph’s remarks that she’s not as good of a doctor, has a soft spot for Mr. Jaffee—she’s been one of his doctors from the beginning. She joins Penny in assisting Meredith. Mr. Jaffee is adorable, and so excited about his surgery.

Jackson has been crashing with Ben and Bailey who, despite being a consummate host, wants Jackson the hell off her couch. Ben tells Bailey that Jackson his his friend and boss and Bailey reminds him that she’s the boss of everyone. Get it done. Truth.

Callie takes it upon herself to speak to Richard about Meredith monopolizing Penny. Amelia overhears the conversation and reminds Callie that all residents are run ragged and exhausted during residency—it’s kind of the thing. She calls her out for just wanting to spend more time with her girlfriend.

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Since Penny hasn’t said anything about it, Richard tells Callie that Penny will stay with Meredith. As Callie steams and walks away, Dr. Riggs, the new guy doc from last week, walks into the lounge asking for scrubs. Maggie has no idea who he is, but he seems really excited to get to work. She’s like, cool dude, see you around. Little does she know, he’s her new cardio doc.

After attempting to have some sexytime with Amelia, Owen gets called to the ER. A teenager with intellectual disabilities ate one of his toys, and his doting mom, and distracted dad brought him in. The ball, which has a blinking light in it, is going to pass the ol- fashioned way, and the mother is really relieved. Right away, Alex pegs her as a “Doc Knocker” and tells Spencer and DeLuca to avoid her. Apparently, a Doc Knocker is a parent who, well, likes to knock it with docs. Alex tells Spencer to do hourly checks on the kid. Spencer, if you need help remembering, is the one who puked when Richard dissected a brain.

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So it turns out, Mr. Jaffee has been hiding a big secret under his fishing cap: a massive tumor growing on the top of his skull. This puts everything they’ve been working for at risk because now the guy has cancer on top of needing a new kidney.

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Maggie is surprise to find Dr. Riggs working on a cardio patient in the ER, and even more surprised to find out he’s working for her now. See, Bailey kind of forgot to tell her. Oops. Owen is beside himself when he finds out that Dr. Riggs has been hired at Grey Sloan.

Ben tries to get the nerve to tell Jackson it’s time to find a new place to crash, but when Jackson tells him that he and April are having dinner together, where he’ll be asking for a divorce, Ben backs out. He can’t kick a guy while he’s down.