Vote Now! The 2015 AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Tournament: Final Round

After weeks of competition, the Ultimate Femslash finale is here! Many worthy couples came and went but it’s SwanQueen and BeringWells who made the final cut.

First of all, a thank you. Thank you for your passion, for your participation and for helping to make the previous round run so smoothly. We know that this finale will of course be intense, so we ask for your same kindness and cooperation in this round. The same rules still apply.

One vote, per person, per hour. We again kindly ask that you vote via the site as well, not outside links. Voting ends on Friday, November 20th at noon PST.

Have fun and happy voting!

UPDATE: As of 1:30 PM EST today (Tuesday) we closed the original polls as we had absolute confirmation that there was indeed serious cheating happening. This is not ok.

We discussed closing the tournament but in the end decided to reset the poll at 3pm EST, this time with some changes.

One vote, per person, per day. That’s one vote every 24 hours. We will be in touch periodically throughout the remaining days with Polldaddy to make sure that this sort of bot voting isn’t happening again. This also means we have to build in even more security on the polls, which may make it difficult for some users. Sorry about that if it does indeed affect you, but we really had no other option this time.

Femslash is an important part of our pop culture. We want it to be treated it with respect, and we truly do want this to be a show of community, not one of opposition. We are well aware that there are people out there who want to take that away from us, and be spoilsports. All we can do is be kind to each other, and play fair.