“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.): Fire fight

This episode of Grey’s was the finale before their winter break. Was it enough to satisfy you until February? (It was one of my favorites of the season.)

Two brave chiefs

A huge forest fire rages near Seattle, promising dozens of injured firefighters. This marks Bailey’s first major disaster as chief, and with a little guidance from Richard, she handles the execution of the plan beautifully. She also gets down in the pit to help with the injured. Also raging, is the rumor mill. Rumors about Riggs and Owen (Arizona suggests they once had a torrid affair), rumors about April and Jackson too. So basically, a day at the office. Jackson asks Callie about couples counseling, but rumor has it he’s more in the market for a lawyer. Anytime Jackson tries to talk with April, she basically runs away, trying to avoid hearing he wants to end things, especially after they had sex.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.47.40 AM

Maggie and DeLuca are going strong, but things might get awkward since he’s on Maggie’s service that day. And when I might, I mean definitely. Not going strong are Penny and Callie, as things have been rather frosty between the two since the whole Meredith service sitch.

Bailey’s patient is the fire chief, who has been very badly burned. He’s more concerned with his men (and women) as Bailey tries to get him to take it easy. She checks him out and removes a bandage that’s covering HIS EXPOSED LUNG. I need to take a half-day for a papercut. This guy is a beast!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.56.52 AM

Maggie takes a look at the fire chief, Casey, and decides he needs surgery right away. Well, shit, I have a musical theatre degree and I could have told you that. The thing is, Casey wants his crew to be attended to first, and insists on waiting for his wife to arrive before he goes under. Casey knows the score. Since the hospital is quickly filling up, Bailey decides to turn the cafeteria into an additional pit, with all hands on deck.

Callie, Ben and Jackson work on a firefighter but Callie and Jackson are more interested in talking about counseling. Callie warns Jackson not to have sex with April while they are in this situation but too late! Ben is like, hi, we have a patient here. He comes up with the idea to graft the guys hand into his stomach. Doctoring is weird.

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Casey, failing by the minute, is worried he didn’t do enough for his crew, but a teary-eyed Bailey tells him otherwise. He did his absolute best, and so many will survive because of that.

In surgery, Callie wants to know all about the Japril sex. She goes on to describe the pleasures and pain of both make-up and break-up sex…in detail: “It’s like do me or die.” Oh, Callie. The way she’s relishing this makes me think that she’s still got an Arizona fantasy knocking around in there.

Casey’s wife Ruth arrives, and it’s the moment she’s been preparing for and dreading for 30 years. She’s calm and loving and assures her husband that his a brave, wonderful man, and she will be OK. He struggles to speak but says he loves her and then closes his eyes and passes. Pardon me, I have a storyline stuck in my eye. *sniffle*

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Everyone is crying. DeLuca goes to comfort Maggie with a hand on her shoulder, but she shirks it off. Later she tells him not to touch her at work, and DeLuca can’t take all the push and pull, so he calls it off.

Jackson chases April down and she finally agrees to talk. She thinks Jackson wants to end it, but she won’t let him get a word in edgewise. Jackson points out that April is the one that always makes the decisions. She gives him the floor to say what he wants, but then we cut to DeLuca and Maggie making up. Poor Japril fans have had a hell of a first part of the season. Guess we’ll have to wait until February to find out more.