“Jessica Jones” recap (1.1): Who can turn the world on with her smile

Granted, they’re going heavy on the “damaged” business to start. Lots of booze, shitty apartment, bad attitude. The twist, of course, is her super strength. We see a peek of it again as she tosses a boot up at the ceiling to quiet some loud upstairs neighbors, only to be greeted back with a shower of plaster. Whoops.


Jessica awakens to find her junkie neighbor, Malcolm, stealing her peanut butter. These things tend to happen when your front door is covered with cardboard. Just then a couple from Omaha arrives at her broken door as well, asking her to help them find their daughter, a college track star.

Someone at the police station referred them to her, which seems oddly convenient. While the mom tries to explain their case, the dad is preoccupied with Jessica’s broken door. Because, you know, it’s not safe for a woman to live alone with no lock in the city. Aw, dads.


Jessica takes the case and like any good gumshoe in Facebook Era, Jessica relies on Google as much as footwork. The latter does take her to a former roommate of the missing girl and the former roommate’s annoying new roommate. Jessica does not appreciate his art/time-lapse filming project. But then, would anyone? She does, however, find out there was a man involved in college girl’s disappearance, because there is always a man involved.

Back on Jeri’s summons case, Jessica finds the sleazeball and his sports car leaving his club. She asks him for directions and when he blows her off and starts to leave, she just picks up his car. No, not over her head or anything. She’s not Supergirl.


The sleazeball realizes she is “one of them,” an allusion to this world’s knowledge of people with supernatural abilities. He threatens to expose her, but she tells him dryly–as she says everything–that this world doesn’t want to know or admit that a girl like her can lift a car. It finally takes a threat to melt him with her “laser eyes” for the sleazeball to take the summons. She leaves scoffing at the dude’s idiocy for believing in laser eyes. Yeah, you know you like her already.