“Jessica Jones” recap (1.1): Who can turn the world on with her smile

So it’s another sleepless night for Jessica, who wanders aimlessly over to Luke’s bar and looks in the windows like a creeper. For a second I think Kanye West and Jamie Foxx’s exceptionally terrible “Gold Digger” is playing on the jukebox inside. But, whew, it’s not. It’s the song “Gold Digger” stole its greatness from—“I Got a Woman” by Ray Charles. Good, so now I don’t have to hate Luke’s bar.


Luke (played the very handsome Mike Colter–what? I’m gay, not blind) catches her snooping and says she should come inside and stop being such a weirdo. Jessica tells him she likes drinking her bulk booze out of a paper bag as all classy ladies do. He makes one final pitch, saying her being “local,” “hot” and “alone” will attract customers. So maybe he isn’t a romantic, but at least he’s pragmatic.

Jessica relents and dutifully warms a seat at the bar, knocking them back courtesy the new “Ladies Night” special. Luke comments on her drinking abilities (hello, rude) and Jessica confesses she doesn’t get asked on a lot of second dates. See, this is why guys are dumb. A hot girl who can hold her liquor? I’m keeping that number.


They cagily (or should I say Cage-ily—I know, I’m sorry) try to get to know each other with some 20 Questions. Jessica admits she is a P.I., which Luke doesn’t seem to appreciate. But Jess tells him it’s the only thing she is good at. Girl, don’t sell yourself short. Laser eyes and drinking, remember?

They non-flirt their way into the bedroom, which results in some pretty athletic sex. And when I say “athletic,” I mean don’t worry, I won’t break sex. It’s hard to imagine any of the Avengers having this sort of highly specific consent conversation. But they should–especially Thor. I mean, the dude is a God.


Afterward instead of post-coital snuggles, Jessica excuses herself to the bathroom. She rummages through Luke’s medicine cabinet and amid the toothpaste and Icy Hot she spots a snapshot. It’s a woman–a smiling, happy woman. But this smiling, happy woman’s face makes Jessica’s face do the opposite. Hey, I get it, sometimes happy people bum me out, too, Jess. But I have a very strong feeling something else is at work here.

She gets dressed in a hurry and leaves, saying only, “Sorry.” Once on the street, she proves she isn’t always great at holding her liquor. OK, so this is probably why she doesn’t get asked on a lot of second dates.


Jessica rededicates herself to finding the missing college student, who is named Hope, by the way. Oh, I see what they’re doing. Hope—got it. The trail leads her to a fancy lingerie shop and a fancy restaurant. But something is off at the restaurant. Jessica, starts to panic as a sickly realization comes over her. She has been to this place before, but when it was another place.