“Jessica Jones” recap (1.1): Who can turn the world on with her smile

The host says he doesn’t want anymore trouble. Anymore trouble? He goes on to tell her of the girl’s companion, who got them to move a couple from their table, comp them a $500 bottle of wine and prepare his favorite pasta dish, despite now being an Asian fusion restaurant.


As this is happening Jessica flashes back to the restaurant before, when it was still an Italian place. And she was there with him. This slow burn reveal of our Big Bad, with all these subtle but purposeful hues of purple, is really fantastic. And terrifying.

Jess is equally terrified. So terrified she literally turns around and runs out of the restaurant. Outside her world blurs and whirls. She tries her street name mantras, but opts instead to just keep running.


She stops at the new Omaha couple’s hotel room and tells them to do the same. Pack up and leave, immediately if not sooner. But not before they tell her who referred them to her. They say it was a man with an English accent.

Jessica takes her own advice and packs hastily while booking a ticket to Hong Kong. When Hope’s card is declined (hey, I’m guessing the family hasn’t paid her yet anyway), she calls Jeri for an advance on her commission. But she declines because that’s not how she does business.


Her personal life, well now, that’s another matter. As Jeri is preparing to leave she sees her assistant who is all hopeful smiles. Oh, the coy thrill of office romances. But just then—wouldn’t you know it?—Jeri’s wife arrives. Yep, her wife. I see your office romance and I raise it with an illicit affair.

The poor love-struck assistant sees Jeri kiss her wife (who will be familiar to eagle-eyed gay lady viewers as Concussion and Deadwood star Robin Weigert) and head off to their dinner reservation together. See now, that’s the clear downside of having an office romance with your married boss.


A desperate, and apparently friendless Jessica needs money, but where can she get some? Not from her junkie neighbor Malcolm, though he kindly offers her his stolen TV.