Luisa gets a big surprise on “Jane the Virgin”

Oh, Luisa, you lovable trainwreck, you. The past few episodes of Jane the Virgin haven’t featured Luisa much, nor did last night’s, but her brief scenes did promise a more significant storyline for the disgraced doctor in the future.

Let me catch you up on the Jane the Virgin happenings. Jane was going to choose Michael, until he punched Rafael out, and Mateo was hurt in the melee. Michael was fired (but not really) from the force, and left for Mexico with Nadine to stop Sin Rostro. Six months went by and Jane decided to give Rafael another shot. Nadine got killed protecting Michael, and Jane found out that Rafael did indeed set Michael up. Magda killed a guy. Jane also became buddies with her grad school classmate, Wesley, who has just been using her to dig up dirt on the Solano family. That’s where Luisa comes in.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.33.29 AM

Wesley uses Jane’s info to con Luisa into thinking he’s on her wavelength, and drops by her AA meeting. They go out for coffee where Luisa spills her guts about everything: Sin Rostro, Rose, their sex life, her mother’s suicide. Wesley points out that it’s a little weird that Luisa’s father lied about the death and that there was no open casket. It’s the first time that this has occurred to Luisa too. 

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The story breaks and as Jane apologizes and Rafael tries to track down Luisa, guess where she is…

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.46.59 AM

Why yes, she’s having her mother’s tomb opened to see if she’s really in there. Granted, she almost chickens out, because who wouldn’t? The cupboard, err, coffin is bare, though, and Luisa is beyond happy. So am I because this means that Luisa will get a real storyline this season!

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To add to the intrigue of it all, Michael and his partner Det. Barnett make the discovery that Mutter is actually Luisa’s mother, who faked her own death and has been working as a crime lord since the ’80s. This is going to be good.