“Rosewood” recap (1.9): Key to my heart

TMI and Pippy are enjoying a nice dinner date on this week’s Rosewood when Pippy hands TMI what looks like some type of jewelry. It turns out to be a key to Pippy’s place (which, to me, is just as exciting as jewelry). TMI is disappointed, but not because its not jewelry: She’s not sure she wants to sell her place. Pippy flies off the handle about how they have been engaged for a year and all of a sudden TMI doesn’t know what she wants. She leaves TMI alone at the restaurant.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.08.48 AM

Here is where I am confused—not because they are engaged and don’t live together, but that they are engaged and don’t even have a key to each other’s places. People give keys to their dog walkers, housekeepers, etc., but your fiancée doesn’t even have a one? Aside from that, Pippy is acting like a child and not even giving TMI a chance to tell her what she’s thinking. RUDE.

After Pippy storms off, she runs right to her mother’s house and finds her mom dancing with some dude in the middle of the living room. Pippy acts shocked that she would find her mother on a date IN HER OWN HOME, basically tells him to GTFO and then starts crying to her mom but never says a word about what happened with TMI. You know, the part where she stormed off like a 12-year-old. (Side note: She ends up staying the night at her mom’s house and finds out her mom has more than one man she’s dating. Scandalous.)

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Later at the lab, the tension is crazy high and, although Rosie tries to mediate the awkwardness, Pippy distracts him by mentioning their mom was on a date the night before with a younger man. GASP! TMI says he’s not that much younger and Pippy looks confused as she asks how TMI would know how old he looks. TMI confesses she helped set up their mom’s Tinder account. Literally all this time has gone by and Pippy STILL doesn’t even know TMI’s reasoning for not wanting to sell her place, yet she’s acting like their relationship is over. 

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The next day, Pippy can be found pouting in her mother’s office, asking why TMI is being so difficult and saying it’s been two years and TMI still doesn’t want to sell her place or set a wedding date. Her mom tells Pippy to chill, give TMI some time and realize that she lost her whole family. Pippy says TMI insists she’s OK with her family situation, and of course her mother points out that Pippy would not be OK if she lost her own mother and brother. (BTW, Donna the best TV mom of the year! She’s my favorite.)

While all this is happening, TMI and Rosie are working on a test result, and Rosie tells TMI that Pippy can be hotheaded, but to be patient. TMI admits that Pippy has a right to be mad at her because she is mad at herself.

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Later on that day, TMI calls and leaves a message for her parents saying that she’s selling her place and getting married to Pippy. Two years have gone by and her parents refuse to speak to to her because she is gay and, sadly, they are missing out on so many great moments in their daughter’s life. For all of you out there who are in this or similar situations, your bravery does not go unnoticed and I hope, some day, they will be sorry for how they have treated you.

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Pippy appears in the background, having overheard the conversation between TMI and her parents’ voicemail. But we don’t get any closure between them as the episode ends with the fate of TMI and Pippy hanging in balance. I have faith they can work this out.

Rosewood airs Wednesday nights on Fox.