“Once Upon A Time” (5.10): Welcome to the Hellmouth

Previously on Once Upon A Time; Zelena used a dreamcatcher to give Hook back his memories and he realized Emma turned him into a Dark One to save his life. Also we had a glorious episode without a Charming or Hook or Hood to be found full of badass women helping badass women help family and it was a beautiful thing. Try to hold onto those happier times while we dive into this hot mess of an episode.

We pick up where we left off I guess two episodes ago, but this is Once Upon A Time were the rules are made up and timelines don’t matter. Emma is frozen with squid ink and Hook has had his memory restored; now he knows that Emma made him a Dark One back in Camelot to save his life. Somehow, despite supposedly having the darkness in him all this time, this changes everything and how he’s Evil.

He runs off with Zelena, and Regina & the Two Idiots storm into Emma’s house. Regina offers to check the bedroom and is already in Emma’s closet by the time Mary Margaret finds her daughter on her couch. Emma starts to explain, and Regina is pissed Emma valued Hook’s life enough to risk all of theirs by turning him dark.

OUAT 510-1 “I speak for the #queerytales community.”

Emma says she couldn’t let him die, and Regina understands, but says things are definitely complicated now. Emma looks at Regina pleadingly, wanting confirmation that killing Zelena was a good plan. It would get rid of the evil that tempts them both, fix at least half of Regina’s current problems. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, but it seemed like the lesser of infinite evils. Her mother scolds her for considering murder, and Emma throws her hands up. What was she supposed to do, there was no one around to tell her when she was being stupid. She looks again at Regina. Regina helpfully points out that she was, indeed, being stupid.

OUAT 510-2“You’re just like your mother.” (Classic wife ding.)

They ask for their memories back but her lair of dreamcatchers is just a shed now.

Hook goes to Gold’s shop because he remembered that his flashback self vowed to get revenge on his crocodile once and for all. He wants to savor his revenge though, and demands a duel with Rumpelstiltskin. Rumple suggests perhaps the fight isn’t fair, Hook being invincible and all, but Hook has Excalibur, which can kill him if Gold can get it from him. The boys agree to fight.

First Gold goes to Team Charming and tells them what went down. It’s funny because it looks like Emma is holding a roundtable of her own. Emma begs Gold to take off her cuff so she can protect them, but they’re hesitant. She even asks Henry to take it off, but he can’t trust her anymore.

OUAT 510-3“ME?! I’m pretty much the only one in this room who hasn’t completely destroyed someone’s life yet. Also Belle.”

Emma asks why she’s not allowed to give in to darkness and be redeemed like Regina and Rumpelstiltskin, and Henry says it’s because they’ve proven they’ve changed, that they can put others before themselves, that they can love. Emma has been pushing them away, and Henry can’t risk trying to get close again. He storms off, and Regina tells Emma to just give their son some time.

Belle says they should go to the library to do some research and Emma is left alone again.

Flashback to Camelot, where the Team is trying to find Dark Hook. Merlin warns them that Emma has chosen the darkest of dark paths he foresaw, and they look appropriately worried. Someone tells Lancelot he should try to find his mother, the Lady of the Lake, for help, and he starts to point out that technically the Lady of the Lake is Nimue, but he gets cut off when someone’s like, “Look, you’re one of the few non-white people here, you really don’t want to be here for what’s about to happen.” So off he goes.

David is mad that Emma didn’t just put everyone out of their misery and let Hook die, but Mary Margaret is always on the lookout for that silver lining and says it’s a good thing that their dark daughter still chose love.

Dark Hook yells at Emma for turning him back into a monster. Emma tries to explain that, like her, he is still capable of making his own choices, and all he has to do is ignore the RumpleVoice who she can somehow see too and want their future together to be good and not evil. He says he wants that, and his RumpleVoice goes away.

In Storybrooke, Belle asks Gold why he’s not going to the library with her.

OUAT 510-4“We’re finally going to library! IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE!”

Rumple says he’s not going to run from this battle, and that if he wins, he’ll go to their well, and if she meets him there, he’ll know she forgives him for being so terrible for so long.