“Jessica Jones” recap (1.02): Unbreakable, they’re alive, dammit

Previously on Jessica Jones: We met Jessica Jones, who is strong and drinks strong drinks. We met Luke Cage, who is strong and pours strong drinks. We met Jeri Hogarth, who is s strong and strongly likes other women. We met Trish Walker, who is strong and I would strongly like her to make out with Jessica.


So now that we’ve gotten through the requisite get-to-know-yous, necessary narrative exposition and obligatory hero moment, Jessica Jones can get down to its real and really extraordinary business–and that business is making an entire series based around the concept of consent. This is something truly different in the world of superhero stories; a story that deals with rape and PTSD and stalking. It is deeply personal and it is terrifyingly intimate.

Some of you may have already binged this thing whole and know exactly what I am talking about. Some of you are mid-binge, and in the midst of realizing this. A few might be considering whether to press ahead. Let me be clear: PRESS AHEAD. This is a show that effortlessly passes the Bechdel Test. This is a show with strong female heroes who fight and fuck and have no use for spandex costumes (not that there’s anything wrong with Supergirl, just different). This is a show worth your time.


What’s not worth Jessica’s time, however, is the interrogation she is getting at the police department. A detective is grilling her about Hope shooting her parents. There’s tense discussion of antiques and the ease with which one can buy a gun at Walmart.

The detective pulls out some photos of Luke, which they found in Jessica’s apartment. She does not take kindly to the warrant-less invasion of her private investigating property and leaves. She heads directly to Luke’s where some cops are already questioning him. Well, so much for the zipless fuck.


Jessica pauses for a moment, thinking whether to cut and run. She begrudgingly does the hard but right thing, which is a recurring theme with her. She goes in to see Luke after the cops leave and he is none to pleased, especially because now he knows she was taking pictures of him. She claims it was for a job, but he tells her to GTFO regardless. So I guess she wasn’t kidding about that no second dates thing.