“Jessica Jones” recap (1.02): Unbreakable, they’re alive, dammit

Next, alone in her bathroom, Jessica gives a dour voiceover about being alone while a lone cockroach climbs up the wall. Is this a metaphor, show? Are you trying to say something about the sad, possibly gross, though always resilient nature of singlehood? Oh, wait, now in a Kafka-esque turn is the roach a stand-in for Kilgrave? Like a spin on that old joke, saying all that will be left after a nuclear apocalypse will be roaches and Kilgrave? Jessica flicks the offending insect off her wall and into the sink, but then just watches passively as it crawls down into the darkness of the drain. I just went in way too deep on a scene with a cockroach, didn’t I?

Jessica next goes to another dark place–prison. She visits Hope to get more intel on Kilgrave, since she was the last one to see him. But Hope is unresponsive, because you’d be unresponsive if you were just made to murder your parents. The one thing she does say is how Kilgrave used to make her jump for hours. It was her event in track and she is the second-best in the state of Iowa. But she still wasn’t as good as Jessica.

Hope also blames Jessica for what happened, because she didn’t check to make sure Kilgrave was dead. So now he wants to make her suffer like he suffered. Look, I want to be sympathetic towards Hope, because she was mind-controlled into violently offing her folks and all that other stuff, but when she suggests Jessica should kill herself, it’s a little hard to worry about her rotting in jail. I know, I know–don’t blame the victim. And I don’t, nor does Jessica. But she does remind Hope to maybe go a little easy on her since she is the only one who knows she is innocent–and also a victim.


Last we see of Hope a nurse is giving her meds, while somewhere in a very nice office suite Jeri Hogarth is taking some sort of meds of her own. Maybe it’s an ibuprofen to counteract the aches of having a much younger, and illicit, girlfriend? Jessica is imploring her to take Hope’s case, but Jeri won’t because of some very complicated legal jargon (a.k.a. it’s a loser).

Jeri suggests Jessica relax and get a massage. In between Pam, the assistant/neck kisser, pops her head in to say, rather pointedly, I might add, that Jeri’s wife is on the phone. And later she again urges Jeri to talk with her wife, because she knows. I mean, I think that’s what she said. I was a tiny bit distracted. How does Jeri get any work done with those girls just hanging around?


But Jessica insists that Jeri take her case, and that she can prove Kilgrave and his mind control are responsible. Our power attorney still isn’t convinced, until Jessica sweetens the pot by saying she will owe her one favor.

I’d like to direct you to where Jeri’s eyes go when Jessica makes her this offer.


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