“Jessica Jones” recap (1.02): Unbreakable, they’re alive, dammit

Trish finds Jessica (sorta stalks, but in a friendship way) and pops out of her car to confront her about not answering her texts. Girl, we’ve all been there. Jessica uses the “my phone died” routine, but in her case might really be true. Trish steps toward Jessica, having seen all that transpired since she was going to take Trish’s money and leave town, and now says she is scared for her. Jessica says, exasperatedly, “Don’t have feelings, OK?”

Ha. Only two episodes in and I already know that is the most Jessica Jones thing Jessica Jones could say. Trish says it’s “Not OK,” and my shipper senses instantly transform BFF Feelings into Big Lesbian Feelings because that’s how my brain rolls. But I don’t really need to fudge the emotions that much, because Trish responds with, “So that’s it?” as Jessica starts to walk away.


So Jess takes her back to her place with its broken door (I shall call it Carl–like “Get in the house, Carl.” Or, in this case, “Stay on the doorframe, Carl.”) Trish is less than impressed by Jess’s new digs (Jess can tell by her tone–classic girlfriend move). Then she suggests Jessica move in with her “again.” And they used to live together? Were they roommates or “roommates?”

But Jessica says it doesn’t matter because even with Trish’s doorman and security system and lack of a Carl, she isn’t safe. No place is safe; no one is safe. Not even a talk show host who “was” her best friend. Now Trish feels the tone, and spits back “Was?”


Jessica calls herself “life-threatening” and tells Trish to stay away from her. When Trish refuses, Jess practically begs, “Please, I can’t risk you.” And there you have it: Trish is the most important person in Jessica’s life and she would rather be alone than without her at all.

Before she leaves Jessica tells Trish her Carl used to have “Alias Investigations” on it and everything. Trish says she likes it, and there is no tone. And for the briefest of moments, Jessica almost smiles.


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