“Jessica Jones” recap (1.02): Unbreakable, they’re alive, dammit

So now it’s time to get down to the business of tracking Kilgrave. Jessica searches through files on a bus accident in Hell’s Kitchen that killed someone named Reva Connors. Hey, is she the smiling lady from Luke’s bathroom cabinet? But she gets interrupted by the feuding upstairs neighbors. They’re arguing about French chicken and Jessica tells them in no uncertain terms to stuff it and shut up. What can I say? She is the kind of person who talks with her hands.


We flash back to the evening of the accident in question. Someone with an English accent is yelling at Jessica to come back and do as she is told. But she stumbles away with blood on her hands, then a bus comes and flips into the man with an English accent. Now, back at the site of the accident, she begins to investigate.

Being the resourceful girl that she is she finds the nearest hospital. She busts into the nurses’ lockers–one with pictures of nearly a dozen cats inside which causes Jessica to recoil and all the lesbians watching to coo–and steals a key card. Then she poses as an employee (in pink, heart-covered scrubs) to search for Kilgrave in the hospital records, but he isn’t in them; just Reva and the bus driver. Also, nice use of Seattle Grace as a cover, Jess.


On the way back to her apartment, Jessica notices blood stains still on the elevator ceiling. Guess low-rent apartments don’t sprint for the best crime scene clean-up teams. But then as she heads towards Carl, she hears noises inside. So, naturally, she attacks the guy inside while screaming, “Who sent you!?!”

Trish did, to fix Carl. But now the handyman needs fixing. Trish and Jess have a talk about boundaries next, what is acceptable and unacceptable interference in the give-and-take of their relationship. You know, classic lesbian processing. But then Jessica lands her own low blow, comparing Trish to her mother. We don’t know why this is bad yet, but–ooooh, doggy–is it bad. Look, ladies, all of this wouldn’t be an issue if only Trish texted instead of left voicemails. Who leaves voicemails?


While they’re processing, Trish’s assistant suggests she cover up when her next guest comes in. But it’s not out of some outdated sense of puritanical decency, it’s to cover all the bruising on her arms. Hmmm, interesting. Trish doesn’t strike me as a battered woman,not with those guns–so let’s see where this thing goes.

As Jessica watches the handyman get wheeled off on a stretcher, Creepy Upstairs Neighbor Guy appears behind her and confirms he is even creepier than we previously thought. All those lovers’ quarrels we overheard them having were actually siblings’ quarrels. They’re twins–creepy twins.


But Jessica doesn’t have much room to judge on the creepy front. While on the subway she looks around suspiciously and then has PTSD-induced daymare and smashes the window defensively. Hey, but at least no one will want to sit next to her. That’s just smart subway strategy, that’s all. 

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