“Jessica Jones” recap (1.02): Unbreakable, they’re alive, dammit

The trail leads Jessica to one of the ambulance drivers the night of the accident. Two were dispatched and only one came back–the other was driven off mysteriously. Jess goes to visit that driver, who is now partially paralyzed from a stroke after “donating” both his kidneys and living with his loony overly-religious mom. He manages to scribble a note to Jessica before he leaves which says, “Kill me.” Pathos, this show has it.


Jessica runs into the Creepy Twins again (Creepy Twin Girl calls her a cougar), but they’re just one of the many complications at her doorstep. The married woman she photographed with Luke shows up as well, claiming her husband didn’t hire her after all. So Jessica was just freelancing–people can have hobbies. Jess kindly reminds her that it’s called “private investigations” for a reason. But the woman tells her it’s her fault Luke is about to be beat up by her husband and his rugby buddies.

Jessica rushes over and finds overly inflated male egos at work. Luke swats them away like so many flies, and Jess jumps in to help. No better cardio like beating down unwanted testosterone flare-ups.


Luke notices the ease with which Jess is tossing around these dudes with confusion and interest, but just then, the husband legitimately tries to stab him in the neck with a broken beer bottle. Whoa, there’s roughing up your wife’s sidepiece and then there’s attempted murder. But the glass just crumples at Luke’s neck anyway. So looks like both of them have some ‘splaining to do.

The next morning Jessica wakes up to her phone ringing and charging. Can I just say how refreshing it is to have a show that finally acknowledges the limited nature of iPhone batteries and the need for Apple to ship them with longer charging cables? Her research has unearthed who sent the paralyzed bus driver his expensive dialysis machine.


The mystery donor turns out to be a college professor who bolts at the sight of Jessica. She catches up to him in the basement. He used to be the area’s premiere transplant surgeon, but how he is hiding. Kilgrave made him transplant the bus driver’s kidneys. Kilgrave lost one in the accident, but wanted both even though he could survive on the remaining one. The professor does give one invaluable tidbit: Kilgrave insisted he do the surgeries with only topical anesthesia–no knockout drugs. So there you have it, finally some Kryptonite. Jess calls Jeri to have him relay his story as well. Well, now we’re getting somewhere.


Jeri goes to visit Hope in jail, so I guess she was convinced enough to represent her. She has Hope walk her through what happened, but then also learns her own valuable bit of information: Jessica was once Kilgrave’s victim, too.

I want to believe Jeri will turn out to be a good person, but I so fear that with that power lesbian haircut and suiting, she is destined to be morally ambiguous at best. But, still, great hair.