Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Lip Service”

It’s been three years since Lip Service went off the air, and it’s sad to say that the BBC hasn’t had a show like it since. (Neither has any other network, for that matter.) The lives and loves of women who date other women in Glasgow, Scotland had us tuned in (or desperately finding a way to be, for those of us outside of the UK) for the lesbian drama surrounding Frankie, Cat, Tess, Sam, Lexy, Sadie and all of their friends, lovers and exes.

The actresses from one of our favorite shows have moved on to play some other memorable roles (a few of them of the Sapphic variety), and we’re just happy to know they are still working just in case Harriet Braun can convince the BBC to bring them together for a reunion in the future. (Just a thought!)

In case you haven’t seen both seasons of Lip Service, they’re available on tello films, the new Lesbian Netflix!