The “Empire” mid-season finale employs yet another bisexual twist

Last week on Empire, Jamal kissed a woman: Skye Summers, a pop star played by real life pop star Alicia Keys


On last night’s mid-season finale, Skye seemed really excited about her new man friend. Jamal is nervous, although he says it has to do with the American Sound Award nominations and performance they have that day.

yyybig spoon, little spoon

Jamal wants to talk about what happened between them, but Lucious slithers in and overhears Skye calling his son “babe.”

slidingsliding into your DMS like

Skye leaves the two alone, and Lucious is overjoyed his gay son might be less gay. “Are you hitting that?” he asks. A hopeless romantic.

“I’m still gay, alright?” Jamal says. “So don’t get weird.” 

“She fixed you?” Lucious is tearing up, thrilled with himself because anything that goes right for him is obviously his own doing. He’s also completely ignoring the idea of bisexuality, which extends throughout the rest of the episode. Men can’t be bi, but the women on this show sure can, especially in a SURPRISING TWIST! More on that later.

fixed-you“I’m so proud of me.”

But speaking of, lesbian billionaire cancer survivor Mimi is up to no good (again), recording Lucious’s shit talking the board on a secret device hidden in a pen. It’s not obvious at all.

mimi-is-not-impressedMimi is not impressed.

Mimi has a lot of money and free time so why wouldn’t she try and take Lucious down from the inside? That’s what she meant when she said she was going to have fun with the rest of her life now that she’s out of remission. Other people run marathons or write insightful books or create wine made from weed, but Mimi prefers to spend her time with Lucious Lyon before trying to ruin his life.

“Is you is or is you ain’t my Mimi?” Lucious asks, sensing her disillusion with his plans for Empire. “Because I always thought we saw the world the same way, darling.”

Sadly, they do, which is why Mimi is a backstabbing and conniving womanizer. But suddenly, she has a wife, and that wife has flown in from Milan to be with her. Lucious is sad this means they won’t have any more “private celebratory parties,” thanks to the old ball and chain. Mimi mentions she has to leave town anyway. She has some follow-up treatments in Rancho Mirage, probably at a resort and not a hospital.

mimi-pen“What pen?”