TMI and Pippy finally kiss on the mid-season finale of “Rosewood”

Last night on Rosewood, we were introduced to the man TMI used to be engaged to. We learned a couple episodes back that Pippy is TMI’s first girlfriend, so although it was awkward, we weren’t completely surprised to meet TMI’s ex-fiancé Heath.


Heath is an FBI agent who came to the lab to gather information for a new case that Rosie and Villa are working on, making the moment even more uncomfortable because he was in their space; it’s not like they ran into him in public or something. Plus he is overly confident and it’s gross.


Aside from dealing with the sudden return of TMI’s ex, Pippy finds some of Rosie’s legal documents and corners him about what they are. This is a prime example of how, even as adults, siblings will snoop through your stuff whether you like it or not. Turns out Rosie is being sued and didn’t want to burden the family with it. Pippy lovingly offers any money she has in the bank to help him, proving yet again that she always has her brother’s back.


(Side note: Has anyone else wondered what the heck happened to TMI and Pippy’s huge fight last week about TMI selling her house? Are we pretending that never happened? At this point it is odd to me that there was no resolution on that conflict, considering it was a big event in last week’s episode.)

Later that day, TMI gets a text message from Heath and says, “Heath, give up already.” Rosie over hears this and asks TMI what is going on, to which she tells him that Heath is asking her to get coffee with him. This is where I start yelling “DON’T DO IT, TMI” at my television.  She tells Rosie how happy she is with his “super hot sister” and that Heath just won’t stop bugging her about getting together. Before Rosie can weigh in with his advice, he gets a call about his case and runs out the door.


That night, TMI calls an impromptu family meeting with Rosie, Donna and Pippy, where she tells them that she just got back from having coffee with Heath (ugh!) and that it was the greatest closure she could have ever asked for. Heath told TMI that her parents have been lying to people about where she is and what she is doing, because they are ashamed that she is a lesbian. TMI is tired of her parents mistreating her and she finally is able to come to terms with the fact that they have cut her out. She needs to move on with her life. She tells Pippy that she wants to move the wedding date up, because she loves her and doesn’t care what her parents think.




This was the first time the couple has kissed on this show, and I was very excited about it

Although last week’s conflict wasn’t really addressed, TMI and Pippy seem to be as strong as ever, so I’m relieved. Every week the show gets better and better, mainly because we are finally starting to get a real glimpse into the life and relationship of Pippy and TMI.

Rosewood will return with new episodes this spring.

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