Tia Mowry is playing Pippy’s ex-lover in a recurring role on “Rosewood”

For any Sister Sister fans who have had a thing for the Mowry sisters, today is your day to celebrate. Tia Mowry has been cast as Pippy’s (Gabrielle Dennis) ex-lover, Cassie, on an upcoming episode of Rosewood. Today on HuffPost Live, Tia described Cassie as a former homeless teen.

“When Pippy and Cassie were together years ago, she was the one who made Pippy comfortable with her sexuality,” Tia said. “My character was the one who made her feel comfortable about who she is and know it’s okay, being a lesbian and being gay.”

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Tia said they’ve shot one episode so far, and recalled her experiences having volunteered at a homeless shelter in the past to help inform her character.

“In regards to me playing a lesbian, there’s nothing really different,” she said. “I have a lot of gay friends and you know, they were like ‘Tia, just be yourself, you know, just be your charismatic self.’ I was like, ‘Yeah. There is no difference.'”

What’s fantastic is Cassie will be a recurring role on Rosewood, meaning there will be three major lesbian characters on the Fox show. Hopefully, Cassie’s appearance as an ex is a friendly one that doesn’t threaten Pippy and TMI’s relationship.

Rosewood returns with all new episodes this spring.