The quirky queerness of Chanel #3 on “Scream Queens”

Warning: Spoilers from last night’s “Scream Queens” episodes ahead!

Last night’s series finale of Scream Queens revealed the story behind the Red Devil(s), and their intricate plot to take down Kappa Kappa Tau and the Chanels. But what we’re all here for is Chanel #3 (played by Billie Lourd), the one who is “sorta gay now.”


Chanel #3 (aka Sadie Swenson) ended up going down for the murders on campus alongside her two self-obsessed friends (Chanel and Chanel #5), and they were all sentenced to a mental institution. But this ended up working out OK for all involved.


As the original Chanel pointed out, Chanel #3 “went full on lez” with a hot nurse. (For those keeping track at home, that nurse is played by a model named Cee. She’s on Tumblr.)

While we did get a brief flashback to Sam (who everyone in the house refers to as Predatory Lez at all times), it was mostly so Hester could accuse Chanel #3 of murdering her to keep her sexuality a secret. Chanel #3 almost falls for Hester’s trickery, as Hester tells her she has an evil alter-ego that was inspired by her father, Charles Manson. Sadly, Chanel #3 will fall for most things.


Had she ended up in prison, she would have probably been a full-on lez there, too, Orange is the New Black-style.


Although it sucked that we lost Sam so early on, it was pretty awesome to have a queer Chanel, and have her be part of every single episode. Her sexuality was not the focus of her character; instead a fun part of her self-exploration that found its way into her quirky way of conversation.

And damn, Sam always knew what to say.


But if they couldn’t end up happily ever after, care of Gigi, Hester and Dead Gay Boonde, then I guess we can be happy they played Spin the Bottle during their sorority sleepover. For the record, Predatory Lez wasn’t the one who planned that one out.


Even though the show is over, we’ll always have more Ryan Murphy shows and their inevitable queer characters, for better or for worse.