“Work Out New York” recap (1.4): Catch and Release

This week on Work Out New York, Holly goes on a blind date!

But first, Layla takes Jay to meet Mama Love, whose opinion means “everything.” Layla not only wants to have a romantic future with her boyfriend, but a business relationship. Considering they fight 75 percent of the time, it doesn’t seem like a good personal or professional move, but Mama Love would rather ask about Jay’s penis size and if he’s pleasing her daughter than anything truly relevant.

mama-love“But, like, compare it to a vegetable so I can a mental image.”

Later Layla and Lindsay go shopping because, Lindsay explains, it’s part of your job as a trainer to look good all the time. But instead of looking at clothes, Lena joins them to have a discussion that does not pass the Bechdel Test. They are all talking about (who else?) Joe. Lena thinks he’s OK now that he brought flowers to her competition. Lindsay has always been on his team because she thinks he’s cute and she’s the kind of straight girl who carries torches for unavailable gay men. Lindsay announces she’s going to have a “dirty 30” birthday celebration because she missed out on partying while she had surgery on her foot. Lena is already ready twerking in anticipation.

shopping“You know who else likes shopping, girls? Joe!”

Speaking of Joe, he’s working with a needy client while chatting with Noah and Holly about plans they made to check out a ninja training gym in Brooklyn. Everyone is psyched, including Layla and Jay who hear the chatter when they come in the door. Holly and Noah extend the invite to them as well, but Joe makes it clear Layla is not invited. Noah has to be the bearer of this bad news, and Holly advises Layla not to make a big deal of it because she’s the peacekeeper and she was having a way better time making bottom jokes with Noah and Joe five minutes before.

laugh“Noah is so the bottom and he doesn’t even know it.”

Lena and Courtney hash out why he skipped her competition over the phone. Courtney explains he was depressed about his shoulder injury and Lena, a bigger woman than I, forgives him for ditching her. I get that he was feeling down, but he was her mentor and she’s been training so hard! And he always seems to be there for Layla but whatever. Lena still did the damn thing.