“Jessica Jones” recap (1.05): You’re never fully dressed without a smile

Flashing back to After Kilgrave Jessica is checking out Before Kilgrave Malcolm. Just six months ago he was a vibrant-looking young man. Now he shuffles numbly through the corridors and across the streets, a shadow of his former self.


Jess follows him on his daily routine to get to Kilgrave. Can we talk for a second about Jessica’s totally non-inconspicuous tailing attire? I mean, a white jean jacket? White. Jean. Jacket. Anyway, no one seems to notice the fashion crime. Instead, she sees Malcolm meet with Kilgrave, and figures out how the daily exchange of photos for heroin is completed.

While contemplating how best to end Kilgrave, Jessica is interrupted by her own broken bottle of whiskey and a knock at Carl. It’s Creepy Twin Guy. He heard the crash from her bottle, ran down the steps, whipped up some banana bread, and knocked on her door all in the span of under 15 seconds. Jessica receives his oddly cordial gift with a totally reasonable amount of scorn, but still takes the banana bread. Hey, it’s banana bread. She drinks a lot and could probably use something doughy as a bottom.


From bottoms to fronts, Trish is concentrating really hard on hers. Well, someone is. Not to be critical, but that head placement is a little high. I’m thinking even Gene Simmons’s tongue on steroids would have a hard time getting you there. Just saying, basic physiology and all.


Their under-the-sheets session gets interrupted by an insistent knock at the door. It’s Jessica who has hatched a plan to catch Kilgrave and needs to talk about it immediately. Patience, obviously, is not one of her superpowers.

Trish comes to the door and Jess starts to lay out her plan. Because no man can resist interjecting his opinion when women are talking, Simpson comes out in his underwear to interject his opinion. Luckily for us, Trish has the best comeback for unwanted mansplaining to ever be uttered on screen: “Hey, last night was fun, but that doesn’t mean I want your opinion.”


I’m buying every straight girl I know this emblazoned on a T-shirt.